Chauvet Light Fixtures for The Terazije Theatre

The Terazije Theater was founded in 1949 as the Humorous Theater and changed its name several times. It was called also the Belgrade Comedy and the Contemporary Theater, and finally the new season of 1975/76 could begin under its current name - the Terazije Theater.

  • Client: The Terazije Theatre
  • Date of project: 2020

After the complete reconstruction in 2005 until today, the Theatre on Terazije has been technically and spatially one of the most modern theaters in this part of Europe, since it continuously invests in modern work equipment.


Recently, there was a need to expand the lighting system, and the management of the theater made a decision to announce a public procurement. After a successful participation in it, our company supplied Chauvet Light Fixtures for the theater.


The supplied Chauvet Light Fixtures


Chauvet Rogue R1X Wash is a moving head, which distinguishes itself by offering a combination of performance features unique to its price class. This bright and versatile moving wash zoom fixture features a unique “bubble” lens design for excellent color rendering and stunning visual effects. Other standout features include an incredible 11° to 48° zoom range, incredibly fast and smooth pan and tilt movements, simple and complex DMX channel profiles, plus 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors. PowerCON input and output are also some of the features that make these lighting fixtures a prominent, versatile and noticeable addition to any scene.

As the theater already makes extensive use of Chauvet Rogue R1X washes, the combination of these two models from the Chauvet Rogue series will allow lighting designers to use light and color to help the director and the ensemble on scene to more easily convey the experience of a play to the audience.


The new lighting system of the Theatre on Terazije had its premiere at the beginning of October, when the musical "On the Other Side of the Pillow" was performed for the first time, based on the well-known musical hits of our musician Momcilo Bajagić Bajaga.

The text for this musical was written by Stevan Koprivica, while the director was Jug Radivojevic. During the performance of this musical, a complete acting, ballet, choir and orchestral ensemble is on the scene all the time, and the Chauvet lighting fixtures from the Rogue series contribute greatly to the overall experience.


We believe that the performance of the delivered Chauvet Light Fixtures will justify the expectations of the competent persons from The Terazije Theatre, as well as the loyal audience.