Huawei Video Conference systems for The Bank of Poštanska štedionica

The tradition of the Bank Poštanska štedionica is 99 years long. The idea of it dates back to 1871 from the time of the Kingdom of Serbia. Initially, it worked as a Postal Savings Bank and was the main financial savings institution that introduced the first savings books on July 1, 1926 when it already had an extensive network of counters in all post offices in Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

  • Client: The Bank of Poštanska štedionica
  • Date of project: 2020

Over time, Poštanska štedionica, and since 2006 The Bank of Poštanska štedionica, has gone through various phases and technological transformations, such as the first counter machine for recording money and savings transactions in 1966, as well as three years later, the first IBM computer.

The technological transformations were related both to the improvement of work with the bank's clients and to achieving the best possible organization of internal business. Thus, The Bank Poštanska štedionica has recently decided to purchase video conference systems for several branches in order to increase business efficiency.


About The Video Conference Systems


In the last two years, our company participated several times in the procurement of Huawei equipment for recording of the video conference calls for several Serbian branches, starting with the headquarters in Belgrade, where the following equipment was delivered:


Virtual Video Communications Controller (vMCU), an integrated software solution that enables conferencing management, video call processing, address book, registration and traversal function. The controller supports a hybrid meeting of various participants such as conference terminals, mobile clients and workstation clients. Its initial configuration allows 10 x 1080p (20 x 720p) ports and 50 registered participants, and is accessed via the Internet;


Video conference set - 1080@60 resolution that supports advanced techniques to eliminate interference during speech Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), as well as Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS), voice dialing, picture-in-picture and management during the conference via the Internet;


A set of cameras with voice tracking that has an intelligent ability to monitor the voice source, automatic image adjustment and automatic zooming at the speaker position;


A microphone set for a large conference table with a range of 6 m connected to a video conferencing set;


• A device for managing a video conference set that communicates via wireless infrastructure;


• TV system in the big hall;


• Presentation computer with a switch;


Interactive display with touch panel and mobile screen stand.


In addition to Huawei equipment, Sony professional displays were also supplied.


Integrated video conference sets were delivered to several branches in Serbia, combining several devices - codec, microphone, camera and speaker. The camera resolution is 1080@30. It features 12x optical zoom with 70° coverage angle, which provides a clear image even in low light conditions. It supports advanced speech interference cancellation techniques: Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS), as well as Bluetooth and 2.4G / 5G Wi-Fi wireless communications. Also, for wireless control of video conferencing flow, a suitable tablet with installed software was supplied.

As presentation monitors, 49" professional displays on a mobile stand were delivered, designed for operation in 24/7 mode, which is extremely important for constant communication with the central.


The most recent delivery, and as part of the existing video conference systems, we delivered:


•The latest generation video conference set, 1080@ 0 resolution, 12x optical zoom and H.265 codec that supports advanced face detection techniques, improved background video to adjust to lighting, image definition and moving images, as well as reduced required range. It also provides advanced speech interference elimination techniques such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS). It has built-in microphones that picks up sound from a distance of 6 m, enabling clear and clean vocal speakers, and offers the option of additional microphone connection for larger halls. Free software installed on a tablet or mobile phone enables the sharing of presentations between participants wirelessly, and the viewing of video content is possible through multiple layers depending on the interests of the conference participants;


• 1080@60 resolution video conference set with 5x optical zoom and H.265 codec for monitoring the speaker during the conference, as well as better image and sound coverage. The system has built-in microphones that allow clean and clear vocal speakers from 6 m, as well as the possibility of additional connection of microphones by placing on a table that can be connected by wired or wireless way to the system;


• As presentation displays, 65" professional displays on a mobile stand with wheels are delivered, designed for operation in 24/7 mode. The brightness of 620cd/m2 allows good visibility even in higher ambient lighting in the conference room.


The technical characteristics of the delivered system will fully meet the requirements for quality and effectiveness, which will contribute to improving the business of the Bank's branches.