Audio-Visual Systems for the New Headquarters of Srbijagas in Novi Sad

State-owned company Srbijagas, with its headquarters in Novi Sad, was founded in 2005 after the completion of the restructuring process of NIS (Oil Industry Serbia) and its three organizational units that had been developing the gas sector for more than 50 years.

  • Client: Srbijagas
  • Date of project: 2020

Today, Srbijagas is a leader in the Serbian gas market and represents a modern gas company whose strength consists of tradition and decades of experience, significant human and material resources, as well as knowledge and commitment to improve, develop and connect Serbia's gas infrastructure with neighbouring countries.


This year, in cooperation with the company Bobar Beška d.o.o., and as a partner in the project, we got the opportunity to participate in equipping the new headquarters building in Novi Sad with modern audio-visual equipment. The job included the design, installation and setting to operation several different AV systems. The difference between the systems was based on the fact that they would be used in rooms of different sizes and applications.


Thus, the main meeting room is now equipped with a modern conference system and video conferencing for 16 seats. The conference system includes 21.5” motorized HD monitors and integrated Televic Confidea DynamicTalk units for the chairman and the delegates. These units are equipped with gooseneck microphones that can be pulled in and out of the table automatically or at the touch of a button. There is also a button to select the content to be displayed, as well as the option of simultaneous translation for 3 languages + basic tone (floor). Participants in the meeting can choose different AV signals which allows them to choose whether to follow the presentation, the speaker, the video conference or other working documents of a particular meeting. The video conferencing system is based on Huawei's all-in-one solution. It is an HD video conferencing system with unique voice dialing, Wi-Fi access and tools to eliminate echo and feedback in the communication system, which allows more people to join the conference from multiple points without compromising the system stability.


The Televic company informed its clients about the installed systems on its official website on the following link.



The two presentation and conference rooms are equipped with wired and wireless Audix microphone systems for a maximum of 45 participants. Simultaneous translation for 3 languages and the basic tone (floor) is also possible in the halls, via professional Televic translation units installed in the professional translation booths. For interpreters in the interpreter booths to be able to follow the image from the room they are watching, two IP cameras of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) HD 1080p resolution have been installed in each of the conference rooms. Camera control and image selection is done via the IP control-command system with a joystick.

Presentations are displayed on 2 professional 4K monitors with a diagonal of 100", designed for 24/7 operation. The AV signal is distributed to them wired or wirelessly via collaboration devices. The Aten control unit with wall control and a tablet featuring a graphical interface programmed according to the needs of the user, plays the role of the central control AV device for the selection of different scenarios in the conference room. It provides a simple and intuitive way to change scenarios.


The training room is equipped in a similar way as the two presentation and conference rooms. The participants of the training are enabled to ask questions using wireless microphone systems, as well as to share ideas from mobile devices through wireless collaboration systems.


We have also equipped four smaller meeting rooms. They enable wired and wireless transmission of audio and video signals to the presentational 85” Sony PRO monitor using Aten AV distribution systems and collaboration solutions. The AV signal is distributed via an HDMI HDBaseT transmitter/receiver for transmitting HDMI signals of HD resolution.


In cooperation with a partner at job, the company Fifth Screen d.o.o., Digital Signage solutions have also been installed at several locations in the headquarters building. Sony's professional 49" and 65" monitors were mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation and are designed to operate 24/7 with IP control. The supplied software package allows easy creation of interactive dynamic presentations by dragging the desired content (drag & drop function). An integral part of the Digital Signage is the video wall in the entrance hall. It consists of Sony’s 55" pro monitors with 1.8 mm bezel. They are installed in a 3x1 configuration, in a vertical orientation, and are intended for 24/7 operation.


The entire equipment, i.e. all the installed audio/visual systems are connected via the network infrastructure and are operated in a simple manner, in two possible ways: locally or centrally from the technical room depending on the demands of a special occasion.


After the installation, the client’s technical stuff was trained to use and manage the described audio-visual systems.