Mobile Sound System for The Gallery of Matica Srpska

The Gallery of Matica Srpska is a cultural institution with a long tradition. Its permanent as well as occasional thematic exhibitions attract many visitors and art lovers. Except for exhibitions, the gallery is a frequent organizer of various ceremonies, workshops and lectures, which requires appropriate technical equipment.

  • Client: The Gallery of Matica Srpska
  • Date of project: 2020

Recently, a ceremonial session was held at The Gallery of Matica Srpska to mark the Gallery Day, after which the opening of the exhibition "Matrica. The Monologue of Danilo Vuksanović" was organized. For the needs of this, as well as other planned in the future, the authorities of the institution contacted us regarding the procurement of an adequate audio equipment. Since the events in the Gallery are organized both in the exhibition hall and in its garden, it was necessary to provide equipment that, among other things, is characterized by easy portability.


The supplied mobile audio equipment


For this purpose and by participating in a public procurement AVL Projekt delivered RCF EVOX J8 and RCF JMIX8 sound systems. The EVOX J loudspeaker series has retained all the features of the original EVOX systems, but in a portable and compact edition. They have FiRPHASE filters that enable the coherent sound distribution without phase distortion, are easily portable, and are mounted in just three steps.

Thanks to the built-in mixer, controlling the RCF EVOX JMIX8 speaker is very simple. The user connects to the mixer with any smartphone (Android, iOS) via Bluetooth and thus controls the sound from a remote location.

The Gallery also needed an appropriate wireless microphone system, and for this purpose a dynamic hyper cardioid wireless microphone with a hand-held transmitter Audix AP41 OM2 was delivered.

Except for the mentioned audio equipment, a digital audio console RCF M18 with the possibility of control via Wi-Fi connection was also delivered. Without any faders, this audio console features a Wi-Fi access point with external and internal antennas, allowing full control via a maximum of 5 tablets. The mixer has 18 analog inputs, 8 mic preamps, as well as plug-in algorithms and professional effects.

After the delivery, our expert team put the system into operation and trained the responsible person in the Gallery to manage it.