Sound and Video System for MaxBet

In order to enable their guests to effectively follow the latest sporting events and sports betting, by providing availability and fast flow of information, Maxbet needed to procure an adequate technical equipment.

  • Client: MaxBet
  • Date of project: 2020

That is why we have recently received a request from the company's management to equip the new Belgrade branch with high-quality sound and video equipment.


The installed video system


A 2x2 video wall composed of 55" monitors has been installed in the Maxbet building. It comes with an ATEN VM6404H video matrix that allows presenting a sports game over the entire surface as a single image (110"), but can also present four different games on each screen separately. The video matrix features advanced functions such as one that prevents the image from shifting in case of a single image presenting, which is common with less-quality solutions. The change of the video wall content is almost instantaneous.

The distribution of video signals from the technical room to the video wall and the display is done via HDMI HDBaseT ATEN VE801 extender with a network cable that provides safe and reliable transmission without interference caused by radiation from power cables and mobile telephony.


The installed sound system


The sound system covers several parts of the Maxbet Belgrade’s branch. Two-way RCF MQ50-B wall-mounted loudspeakers have been installed in the sports betting area intended for both ambient music and for audio reinforcement of important sport matches. This speaker provides intelligibility and precise dispersion of the sound over a wide angle of coverage. The built-in mounting parts make MQ50 easy to install. The same loudspeakers, intended exclusively for ambient music reproduction have been installed in gambling area.

The toilets have been equipped with RCF PL 60 ceiling speakers that can be easily installed in false ceilings or panels. They are an ideal choice for announcements and background music. They are used almost everywhere, most often within sports and shopping centers, as PA systems.

A 4-channel RCF DPS604X Class D amplifier and a corresponding preamp mixer have also been supplied. Radial Engineering USB PRO DI box is provided for playing music from a computer via an USB cable which prevents "buzzing" in the audio system.


After the installation had been completed, our expert team provided training of the technical persons of the client to be able to operate with the implemented audio and video system.