Lupo light fixtures for The Toxic Entertainment Production

The Toxic Entertainment Production provides professional production services for all types of video formats for film production and digital music labels. With relevant knowledge and rich experience and thanks to carefully chosen equipment, Toxic Production has established itself as one of the best in its industry.

  • Client: lupo-rasveta-za-toxic-entertainment-produkciju
  • Date of project: 2020

Recently, the company contacted us to help them choose easily portable lighting system whose quality will meet the needs and demands of customers.

For this purpose, we made a presentation of the lighting fixtures in the show room of our company. The client was especially interested in Lupo lighting system. Lupo is an Italian manufacturer of professional lighting intended for television and film productions. All Lupo products are based on robustness and high quality of every detail. They are made of innovative materials and use the latest lighting technologies. Reinforced techno-polymer, that Lupo light fixtures are made of, is considerably more durable compared to other materials, whilst reducing total weight of the product.

The client also expressed a desire to compare the performance of Lupo lighting fixtures with the characteristics of its main competitors in the market, so we used an adequate light meter during fixture testing. Thus, the client was convinced of the value of light output, color temperature, color spectrum on scales CRI (Ra), eCRI (Re) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index).

Lupo lighting fixtures

On this occasion, Toxic Entertainment Production opted for Superpanel Full Color 60 and Superpanel Full Color 30 lighting fixtures of cinema quality suitable for even the most demanding of shooting requirements. They have all the functions and features of a professional RGBW LED fixture: variable color temperature from 2800K to 10000K, CRI> 96, TLCI> 98, the possibility of mixing colors by HSI, as well as RGBW color mixing system. Superpanel Full Color 60 and Superpanel Full Color 30 allows to simply and immediately visualize the settings for intensity, color temperature, color mode, green/magenta adjustments, dimmer curves, special effects and DMX channels. All the functions have been developed to simplify the user experience. In addition to the Superpanel Full Color series, Toxic also purchased Superpanel Dual Color 60 LED panels. These super powerful LED panels are dual color light fixtures with variable color temperature from 3200K to 5600K and CRI> 96. The high-frequency electronics guarantee a flicker-free operation even for super slow motion.

All Lupo Superpanels can be used with a diffuser or a dedicated softbox for even softer light.

In addition to LED panels that give soft and diffused light, the production also needed models that emit directional light. After the presentation, they chose the Lupo Dayled series of lighting fixtures. Dayled is a series of luminaires with fresnel lenses, which use LED technology as a light source, recognizable in Lupo products with high CRI> 97 and TLCI> 98. In this way, the colors in the shooting remain perfectly balanced and without unpleasant casts typical of non-professional LED lights. The Lupo Dayled series features exceptional rendering of light.

Dayled series of lighting fixtures also contain a power equivalent to halogen spotlight, such as the Dayled 1000 equivalent to a 1 kW halogen spotlight.

Our client also purchased Dayled 1000 Dual Color and Dayled 2000 Dual Color lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures feature variable color temperature from 3200K to 5600K and a digital display that allows clear and easy visualization of light intensity and color temperature, as well as DMX channels.

All Lupo LED lights can operate on mains or battery, which allows the client to work outside as well, not just in the studio.

In addition to Superpanel and Dayled lighting fixtures, the client is also supplied with Lupo accessories such as softboxes, egg create grids, dampers, V-plate battery carriers, etc.

With the supplied Lupo lighting and light accessories, Toxic Entertainment Production can now shoot videos of high quality in easier way, as well as television formats. To get acquainted with the quality of Lupo lighting fixtures at any moment you can schedule a demo with us or view video clips of the productions.