Sound and Video System for Buena Vida Mexican GastroBar

Buena Vida Mexican GastroBar is a new restaurant located in New Belgrade in which customers can taste traditional Mexican cuisine specialties prepared in a modern way and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

  • Client: Buena Vida Mexican GastroBar
  • Date of project: 2020

Buena Vida Mexican GastroBar operates within the company Street Guys Hospitality, which is our long-term client. The company has in its portfolio the popular Belgrade restaurants Ambar, Toro and Burrito Madre, for which we designed and installed the appropriate sound reinforcement systems a few years ago. Since the client was very satisfied with the previous cooperation, they contacted us again with a new request to install a sound system of exceptional performance in the newly opened restaurant. In cooperation with the designers, the request was to turn several hundred square meters of empty space into a restaurant with a pleasant ambience where the customer will enjoy delicious food during the day and dance to the DJ rhythms of popular hits during the night.

The biggest challenge in designing sound reinforcement system for Buena Vida Mexican GastroBar was the complexity of the space, which contains seven audio zones different in purpose. The audio zones of the restaurant are: the main part of the restaurant with the bar and dance area, indoor garden, main restaurant part, open kitchen, toilets, private dining area, as well as the store which is an integral part of Navigator business center where the restaurant is located.


The installed sound and video equipment


The sound system consists of d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers. The installation point source 4S and 8S speakers and 18S-SUB and Bi8-SUB subwoofers, supported by d&b 10D amplifiers and audio processor proved to be an excellent combination for the GastroBar.

The 4S is a lightweight 2-way passive speaker featuring a neodymium LF driver and a coaxially mounted wide dispersion tweeter. It can be mounted in any position. The 4S can be used as a standalone system or to be supplemented via subwoofers from the xS series. It produces accurate sound without disturbing the authentic interior of the restaurant.

8S point source loudspeakers together with 18S-SUB subwoofers placed in the area around the main bar are used primarily to get guests to dance when a DJ connects to the sound system.

All audio lines in the sound system are routed through Radial TWIN ISO two-channel line level isolators that eliminate noise interference. It also comes with a Radial USB PRO sound card that transforms a computer into a professional audio device.

Although the seven audio zones may sound complicated to manage, all the control of the sound system is done by touching the screen of the controller built into the wall of the bar, which makes the management of this complex system as simple as using a mobile phone. The system can also be controlled via smart devices, which did not have to be adjusted this time.

In the private dining area, the sound system is set to be independent from other units. In this way, it is possible to organize separate parties, such as DJ performances or watching a game on a high-quality projection system composed of a projection screen and a Sony laser projector. With the room combining option on the audio processor, this part of the area can also be joined to other audio zones so the sound is same everywhere.

After the installation, our team put the system into operation and trained a responsible person to manage it.