Mobile audio system for the Government of the Republic of Serbia

The Government of the Republic of Serbia, as the holder of the executive power, regularly informs the citizens of Serbia about its important decisions and announcements. When the government officials address the public, it is the time when the proper technical equipment becomes very important in order to support the addressing in an adequate way.

  • Client: Government of the Republic of Serbia
  • Date of project: 2021

Since the speeches are organized both in the Government building and outdoors, it was necessary to purchase additional audio equipment, light and easily transportable.

We responded to the request of the authorized personnel and offered several options for the required equipment, and they decided upon the most affordable sound system and accompanying package of additional services (employee training, maintenance, etc.).


About the delivered portable sound system 


We delivered RCF ART 710-A MK4 active loudspeakers, that provide unique vocal clarity, linear response and precise bass control. They are lightweight and very easy to carry.

D-Class amplifiers from the 1400 W ART 7 series of speakers enable realistic response and impressive audio performances. The aluminum structure around them secures the box in transport and helps with cooling.

The ART 710-A MK4 features advanced RCF FiR filtering technology for provision of unique transparent sound, ensuring coherent sound distribution without phase distortion and minimal system latency.


Except for the mentioned speakers, we also delivered the RCF M 20X adjustable mixer with 16 preamplifiers and the possibility of remote control. Despite its small size, the M 20X mixer offers the user a range of options. It features high-profile preamplifiers, a premium DSP with studio-quality processing, as well as a comprehensive set for multitrack recording and playback. The mixer is very easy to use, as it allows you to create presets for different purposes.

Remote management of this console is facilitated with the help of M20 MixRemote application that can be installed on all iOS and Android devices.


After the delivery of the audio equipment, we conducted training of technical persons to work on RCF M20X mixers.