Chauvet lights for The Novi Sad Children's Cultural Center

The Novi Sad Children's Cultural Center is the youngest cultural institution founded by the city. It officially started its operation in May 2019 and comprises acting, playing music, dancing and other activities which encourage children and young people to think creatively.

  • Client: The Novi Sad Children's Cultural Center
  • Date of project: 2021

In order to better organize festivals, events, drama and other programs in the center, an appropriate professional lighting system needed to be purchased. Since this institution has not had a lighting system so far, the authorities contacted us to help them choose the lighting fixtures that will fully meet their needs.

Having in mind their needs, we delivered Chauvet EVE F-50Z LED fresnel fixture emitting warm white light beam with soft edges. These professional lighting fixtures are D-Fi USB compatible for wireless master/slave or DMX control and are applicable in both mobile and installation environments. Optional manual zoom provides the flexibility to project light from any distance.

Eliminating the need for DMX control, you can operate the EVE F-50Z in standalone mode by connecting multiple units using voltage outputs. In this way, there is no need to use extension cords, which saves time and space.

Due to the specifics of the hall and the scene, as well as the impossibility of hanging lighting fixtures, it was necessary to provide appropriate stands. So, we delivered the Chauvet CH-06 lightweight portable tripods with a T-bar weighing only 5 kg. As part of the system, a DMX controller and a suitable mixer have also been supplied for greater possibilities of light intensity control, while for the needs of speakers and vocal soloists, the Audix F50S dynamic cardioid microphone with on/off switch was delivered.

Apart from the scene itself, the described lighting system can also be used for book promotions, exhibition openings and other events in the cultural center that require professional lighting.

The simplicity and mobility of the system will certainly facilitate the activities and organization of events in the Novi Sad Children's Cultural Center and enrich the experience of a young but loyal audience.