Portable Sound System for The Adria News

A TV station that wants to broadcast the latest news in a timely manner, either from its studios or outdoor, must be adequately technically and technologically equipped.

  • Client: The Adria News
  • Date of project: 2021

When broadcasting takes place in a studio, it is easier to control it. However, it is often the case that reporting or live programs are broadcast from different outdoor locations, which makes the job of a journalist or TV presenter more dynamic. That is when the need for adequate technical equipment becomes even more obvious.

For these reasons, we have been recently contacted by TV agency Adria News in order to supply them with a reliable and portable sound system.

RCF EVOX J8 sound system was delivered. Its main advantages are portability, as well as quick and easy installation done in just three steps. They make it a great choice when it comes to news coverage from the spot that requires easy assembly and disassembly of equipment, as well as almost instantaneous readiness for work. The ultra-compact full-range 2" drivers produce a very high SPL, while built-in Class D amplifiers deliver ultra-fast attack, realistic response and impressive audio performance.

The RCF EVOX J8 also features RCF's advanced FiR filtering technology, which has been developed to reproduce transparent sound with absolute precision and a perfect stereo image aimed at every listener. FiRPHASE filters enable the achievement of coherent sound distribution without phase distortion, ensuring minimal system latency.

The performance and portability of the RCF EVOX J8 sound system will greatly facilitate the work of television crews during field reporting enabling its viewers timely and high quality information.