Chauvet lighting for The National Theater of Kikinda

Theatrical life in Kikinda began to develop at the end of the 18th century. In the time that followed, it relied on guest appearances of travelling theatres, as well as on efforts of students from Kikinda, groups of young people and other theater groups. This was so until 1950 when the National Amateur Theater was founded, and which received its professional status four decades later.

  • Client: The National Theater of Kikinda
  • Date of project: 2021

The National Theater of Kikinda has gained the trust of its audiences thanks to the diversity of its repertoire, as well as its continuous investment in high-quality professional equipment.

To be ready for the new theater season 2019/2020, a decision was made to innovate its existing lighting system. In this regard, we were contacted by the authorities of this institution to equip the theater with new LED light fixtures.

Chauvet EVE E-100Z

The delivered Chauvet EVE E-100Z is a powerful spot fixture featuring sharp pattern projection with a 100 W warm white LED light source. This versatile fixture works with metal or glass gobos to create incredible gobo or pattern details. The manual zoom and framing shutters make it simple to control beam. EVE E-100Z spot fixture emit a beam of light with clear edges and direct warm white light in any direction, and with the help of shutters it is very easy to "cut" it. In that way, one can simply get the irregular shapes needed for a certain scene during the show.

It’s designed for mobile and installation applications. 

In addition to the profile spot lights, the theater also opted for the Chauvet EVE P-130 RGB lighting fixture intended for washing of scene. This robust lighting fixture is characterized by interchangeable magnetic lenses for modifying the beam width. It does not have a fan, which makes it a great choice when it comes to use on stage, since it ensures silent operation.

With the new lighting equipment, The National Theater of Kikinda has gained new opportunities for creative expression, which will deepen the artistic experience of plays and the theater as a whole.