LED lighting for The Slovak Vojvodina Theater

The Slovak Vojvodina Theater is an institution of Slovaks living in Vojvodina. It’s been founded with the aim of developing theater culture on a professional level, while nurturing the language, tradition and culture of this people. It is also the only professional theater outside Slovakia in which plays are performed in the Slovak language.

  • Client: The Slovak Vojvodina Theater
  • Date of project: 2021

In order to adequately approach the demands of the stage and to meet the expectations of its audiences, the theater decided to modernize the light system, i.e. to replace the light fixtures with halogen bulbs with high-quality LED lights. The request from the theater was based on the procurement of lighting fixtures that are reliable in operation and easy to manage and are also energy efficient.

So, AVL Projekt supplied the theatre with profile and RGB LED spotlights for scene washing.


Chauvet EVE E-100Z LED profile spot fixture with zoom angle of 14° to 30° and a 100 W warm white LED light source supports DMX control protocol. 

High-quality built-in framing shutters allow the designer to focus light on targeted areas according to his needs and desires. Its illuminance is at 14° is 15,100 lux @ 2 m. The spot fixtures have a USB input with the possibility of connecting an additional USB adapter for wireless transmission of DMX signals from the control device.


We also delivered Chauvet EVE P-130 RGB LED wash light with 40 diodes (13 red, 13 green and 14 blue), with a total power of 130 W. By using interchangeable magnetic frames with lenses of 25° and 45°, it is easy to alter the beam to desired angles, while the barn doors for directing the light beam, as well as hooks for hanging them on rods, are supplied as additional accessories.


All lighting fixtures are completely silent, which makes them a great choice for theater performances, while their flicker-free feature enables quality recordings.


The performances of the delivered Chauvet lights fully meet the needs and requirements of the Slovak Vojvodina Theater, so it will certainly justify the expectations of its loyal audience.