Video Conference Solution for efiport Gmbh

efiport GmbH is a German innovative provider of technology-supported education solutions. It is a subsidiary of the privately owned Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Gmbh. The solutions it offers are intended to enable maximum learning efficiency for small and medium enterprises, as well as educational institutions.

  • Client: efiport Gmbh
  • Date of project: 2021

Since the video conference system we recently implemented has proven to be an excellent choice by enabling more effective employee meetings and work processes, the company's management contacted us again because of a new video conferencing solution. The excellent price-quality ratio certainly influenced the management's decision.


Infobit iCam VB50 USB 3.0 PTZ camera with a resolution of 4K@60Hz has a 5x zoom adjustable angle, built-in stereo speakers and 4 beamforming microphones registering users’ speech at 6 m. The camera also offers the simple connectivity for an additional microphone via a USB port. Since it has ultra-wide-angle field of 120°, all meeting participants can fit in the frame.


It has integrated advanced functions for echo cancellation, suppression of ambient noise, automatic adjustment of speaker sound levels, automatic framing of all meeting participants, adjustment of zoom and camera focus to suit everyone on the screen (Automatic Framing). Speaker/Voice Tracking technology intelligently focuses on the person who is talking – even if he or she moves around the room.


The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) provides a clearer and sharper image from the camera in places where the ambience is too dark or too bright for shooting.

The camera is compatible with all the leading video conference platforms and operating systems and supports wireless connection to a mobile phone via Bluetooth® 5.0 technology, thus enabling fast and easy content exchange.


Considering that the previously implemented system has fully justified the client's expectations and enabled quality work of employees, we believe that this intuitive video conference solution will have the same effect.