The Sound System for The Culture Center of Novi Bečej Municipality

The Culture Center of Novi Bečej Municipality is an institution that plays an important role in the cultural life of the local inhabitants. In addition to staging theater plays for children and adults, this cultural center also organizes concerts of classical and popular music, movie nights, cultural and educational programs and exhibitions, fairs, as well as publishing.

  • Client: The Culture Center of Novi Bečej Municipality
  • Date of project: 2021

To meet the expectations of visitors and organize events in the best possible way, The Culture Center of Novi Bečej has been constantly investing in innovation of audiovisual equipment.

This time, the authorities contacted us with a request to equip the hall of this institution with quality sound system for the reproduction of ambient music during the day, as well as during the gathering of guests before exhibitions, movie nights, performances and similar events.

As part of the system, RCF MQ80P two-way, wall-mounted speakers have been installed in the hall which enable even sound coverage. The design completely fits into the interior of the area.

The system is run by an amplifier with integrated audio sources (USB, SD card) with the ability of recording to a removable disk.

The Audix f50S dynamic vocal microphone with switch is provided for the purpose of giving a speech in the lobby of the center. Its warm and natural sound reproduction makes it an excellent choice for small to midsize PA systems.

The amplifier is placed in a rack cabinet with a drawer in which the microphone can be stored, as well as a cable for connection.


The installed sound system fully meets the expectations of the client and will thus provide a pleasant atmosphere during numerous cultural events and gatherings.