Video presentation system for the amphitheater at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Belgrade

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is an institution of national importance and is the basis for the development of mechanical science and industry in Serbia. In addition to education, this scientific educational institution is also engaged in scientific research, expert consulting and publishing.

  • Client: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Date of project: 2021

The authorities from the faculty contacted us in order to advise them about the purchase of the professional presentation equipment for lecturing in the amphitheater. The client's request specified for high performance equipment that allows uninterrupted use throughout the day.

Since the lectures often involve drawing the machine constructions, this requires impeccable visibility due to the many details they contain. Therefore, it was necessary for the equipment to meet the highest standards in terms of image quality.

Sony VPL-FHZ131 laser projector has been installed as part of a video presentation system, as well as a motorized screen projection. It features WUXGA resolution, brightness of 13,000 lm, while using 3LCD technology for projection. The contrast of the projector is ∞: 1, which allows the user to display an extremely sharp and clear images. Thanks to the motorized lens, the projector displays an image of 600x375 cm and a diagonal of 707 cm, providing a large enough illumination for its visibility even at higher levels of ambient light. Unlike the models with lamps, the laser projector has no loss in brightness, which is of great importance for all-day lectures. The projector features an extremely large lens shift, +/- 57% horizontally and +/- 107% vertically, which makes it suitable for projections from any position in the amphitheater or from another location on the faculty. Lens positions can also be recorded, reducing the extra time to adjust when the projector's position changes.

The laser light source offers up to 20,000 hours operation without lamp exchange, reducing maintenance needs compared with traditional projectors, while electricity consumption is reduced to up to 40%.

The motorized projection screen is secured with additional cables for fastening on the side and making the surface of the projection screen flat, which is necessary for a high quality presentation.

AV signals between the presentation computer from the amphitheater speaker and the projector are distributed via HDMI Aten VE3912T HDBaseT wired automatic transmitter. Aten VE3912T is also a switcher, which enables automatic selection between HDMI, DP and VGA input signals and transmission of 4K resolution signals over 100 m. The device is connected to the projector via a network cable resistant to external RF interference.

Aten VS482 is another automatic switcher in the technical room of the amphitheater that extracts audio from video signal, which is further routed to the existing audio system. Depending on the needs of the lecture, it also allows automatic display of images from a computer from a technical room or BluRay player during presentations.

After the successful installation, our expert team set up the system and put it into operation.