The Sound System for the Church of Ascension of Christ in Čurug

The Church of Ascension of Christ in Čurug is a cultural monument in the category of immovable cultural properties of exceptional importance. It represents the largest Orthodox shrine in the Province of Vojvodina. In addition, the church is known for its large bell with the "Cons G" sound, weighting an impressive 4.775 kg which makes it the largest bell in the Balkans.

  • Client: The Church of Ascension of Christ in Čurug
  • Date of project: 2021

This neoclassical church, dominated by Neo-Renaissance elements and three towers, was built in 1862, and the interior is adorned with a white marble iconostasis.

Due to the large reverberation and reduced intelligibility during worship, the authorities of the Čurug church municipality contacted us in order to install an appropriate sound system in the building.

Based on a detailed calculation of space, considering the types of materials used in interior design, for the main loudspeakers we have chosen RCF VS1250 II digitally directional active speakers which define the listening area and reduce the sound dissipation, as well as its reflection of many smooth surfaces in the church building.

RCF L 2406T three-way passive speakers were also installed. They provide the same sound pressure in the entire temple, and also enable the intelligibility of speech for believers who are furthest from the altar.

Terminal boxes to which speakers can be connected in case church ceremonies take place outside the church have been installed at the entrances.

The Audix M1250BS RF interference-resistant supercardioid condenser microphones and the Audix ADX18HC gooseneck microphones (at the altar) are part of the choir sound system. The Audix AP42 wireless four-channel microphone system has also been installed, intended for use in combination with appropriate microphones.

An RCF DPS604X four-channel amplifier is provided for powering the system. System control is performed via a high-performance Symetrix Solus NX 16x8 digital audio processor. The control process is very simple with the Symetrix T5 glass touchscreen controllers with a user-friendly interchangeable graphical interface and mounted in a rack cabinet with the possibility of saving preset "scenes". Depending on the need, the user selects the desired "scene" (e.g. "full temple"), which the processor automatically recognizes and adjusts the performances of the system to the environment.

The rack cabinet is equipped with start-up of power that can be delayed, thus enabling the user to turn on or off the system in the correct order with just one switch, which enables protection and longer service life of the equipment.

The installed sound system completely meets the client's requirements, and thanks to better intelligibility in the temple, believers will be able to follow the course of worship without hindrance.