Chauvet Light Fixtures and MA Lighting Console for Zoom Media

One of the leading rental companies in Serbia, Zoom Media has expanded its business in renting AV equipment and providing services in the studio. As well as for the live events industry, the company has chosen only the high-quality products from premium manufacturers for its equipment.

  • Client: Zoom Media
  • Date of project: 2021

Due to the increase in the business volume, our long-term client decided to equip the studio with additional lighting equipment of appropriate technical features, which is why he turned to us for advice, as well as for the purchase of adequate lighting fixtures and lighting consoles.

This time Zoom Media opted for Chauvet lighting fixtures from the Maverick series, i.e. Maverick MK2 Wash, which is unofficially known as the most popular wash light of this type in our area.

This wash fixture is powered by 12 x 40 W Osram RGBW LEDs and a large zoom range. It is characterized by exceptional colors and therefore is a great choice for washing the scene.



Chauvet Maverick Force 1 Spot moving heads, the light fixtures of the latest generation and exceptional performance that had just appeared on our market, were also delivered. These lightweight moving heads (21.8 kg) feature a white light source of 470 W and a zoom range of 6° to 54°, as well as CMY and CTO filters for color-mixing of light that can be used with CRI 69 when the intensity is needed to create a scene and atmosphere, or with the CRI 90 as a headlight for various types of shooting.



In addition to the wash fixtures, the client decided to purchase a new MA Lighting console - grandMA3 onPC command wing XT, which in combination with grandMA3 onPC software, allows the user to program or play within the grandMA3 system. This compact and easily portable console provides all the options and possibilities like others from the grandMA3 series.

The console is equipped with 4096 parameters and a built-in MA Lighting motherboard and allows connection to 4 additional monitors. It has two physical outputs and one physical input for DMX, Midi, linear timecode, as well as audio input and output. To make it easier to use, it has 40 playbacks, including 10 motorized faders.

Thanks to the performance of the new wash fixtures and lighting console, Zoom Media will meet the demands of its customers in an even more efficient way, therefore, their satisfaction is guaranteed.