Mobile stage for the raft Cristal by Museum

For many years, Cristal by Museum has been one of the most popular nightlife places during the summer in Novi Sad. The club is located away from the city crowds on the Ribarsko Ostrvo (The Fishermen’s Island) and it promises its guests a good party after a hard-working week until dawn.

  • Client: mobilna-bina-za-splav-cristal-by-museum
  • Date of project: 2021

In order to adequately prepare the raft for the upcoming season, the management of Cristal contacted us regarding the purchase of a mobile stage for live performances of the singers.

It was necessary to provide a high-quality mobile stage that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled without deformation, which is a very common case with lower quality constructions.

10 m² Everdeck mobile stage was delivered. Applicable for both indoor and outdoor use, it consists of 5 stage segments (panels) measuring 200x100 cm with a solid aluminum frame. The platform top is made of waterproof and fireproof marine plywood with an anti-slip surface. Appropriate square legs are also provided with the stage. Each stage segment frame has brackets for them, as well as accessories for connecting segments and legs. This guarantees safety and reliability in the execution of the program and the inevitable accompanying vibrations.

The stage is certified to a load capacity of 750 kg/m2, while the maximum weight of one segment is 35 kg.

The stage segment has a TUV certificate which confirms the specified parameters.

Since the mobile stage meets all the requirements of the management, we are sure that it will witness many unforgettable moments in this popular nightclub.