Superb Video Presentation for the Ceremonial Hall of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

The University of Belgrade's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering holds the distinction of being the oldest and most comprehensive institution for mechanical engineering studies in our country. Today, it serves as an academic hub for about 3,000 students and 400 employees, including 200 faculty members.

  • Client: The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2021

The institution not only focuses on education but also engages in scientific research, expert consulting, and publishing activities. Therefore, it requires reliable, high-quality equipment to support its operations. To this end, AVL Projekt recently delivered and installed professional equipment for the ceremonial hall that is designed for all-day use.

The implemented solution consists of two independent video presentation systems with speakers, capable of simultaneously projecting the same image (292x183 cm) on a remote-controlled motorized screen.

The system features a Sony VPL-PHZ12 video projector, specifically designed for a diverse range of presentations. The projector offers 360° orientation, WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution, and high 5,000 lumen brightness. Its advanced laser-phosphor light source promises up to 20,000 hours of operation alongside 3LCD projection technology. It includes an automatic filter cleaning function that removes dust every 100 hours.

The device also offers presets with predefined parameters for color, brightness, contrast, and noise, ensuring optimal performance in any setting. This feature set maximizes efficiency, facilitates stable long-term usage, and keeps noise levels under 36 dB – a crucial feature for maintaining concentration during presentations.

The Aten VS482 HD automatic switcher forms the system's central component for audio-visual signal distribution. This switcher boasts HDMI connections and the capability to extract audio from the video signal before routing it to the existing audio system. The HDBaseT Aten VE801 ensures the distribution of the audio-visual signal via the network cable, transmitting an HD resolution HDMI signal over 70 meters without quality degradation.

The HDMI Aten VE2812T HDBaseT wired automatic transmitter is responsible for distributing AV signals between the ceremonial hall's speaker's presentation computer and the projector. It operates via a network cable resistant to external RF interference and doubles as a switcher, automatically selecting between HDMI and VGA input signals and transmitting 4K resolution signals over 100 meters.

Once the installation was completed, our expert team ensured the smooth setup and operation of the system, thereby promising an upgraded presentation experience for the faculty.