Video conference system for efiport GmbH

The German company efiport GmbH, a subsidiary of the private owned Frankfurt School of Finance and Management GmbH is into technological innovations in the field of education. It offers solutions for maximized learning effectiveness in small and medium enterprises, as well as educational institutions.

  • Client: efiport Gmbh
  • Date of project: 2021

Efiport Gmbh has recently opened a new office in Novi Sad. In order for employees to focus on creating exceptional eLearning content in a simple and effective way, it was necessary to equip the space with reliable video equipment.

Our company was engaged in the realization of this project in cooperation with the company Enterijer Nešević as a partner.

The video conference solution is based on the all-in-one Infobit iCam VB30 USB camera, which features 4K @ 30Hz resolution and a 130° wide angle lens. The camera features advanced acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise suppression and automatic speaker volume adjustment no matter where the speaker is in relation to the microphone. It also features the Speaker/Voice Tracking function, which intelligently focuses on the person talking, even if they move around the room. The camera has 4 microphones with a range of 8 m intended for six participants, and it also integrates 5 W loudspeakers that provide outstanding sound effect and intelligibility during video conferencing. If necessary, it is possible to connect an additional microphone via a 3.5 mm connector. The video conference system is a fully plug & play solution with a quick and easy connection to a computer using the USB 3.1 Gen1 extender Aten UE3310 which allows daisy chain expansion up to 50 m.

Considering that the delivered system is a long-lasting and reliable solution distinguish by a unique price-quality ratio, its functions and performance will ensure the quality work of the employees of the new open office efiport Gmbh, as well as the satisfaction of their clients.