Chauvet Light Fixtures for the Toxic TV

Toxic TV is a Serbian cable television channel that broadcasts music and entertainment programs, i.e. videos of music stars from this region, shows about celebrities, as well as talk shows.

  • Client: chauvet-rasveta-za-toxic-tv
  • Date of project: 2021

In order to enable the best possible operation of a TV production company, it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment. Therefore, the management of Toxic Television recently contacted us to help them purchase reliable professional light fixtures that would ensure quality and efficient making of TV shows.

After a successful presentation in our client’s premises, they chose spot lights from the Chauvet Ovation Variable White series, Ovation E-930VW profile and the Ovation F-915VW fresnel luminaires in specific.

This series of lighting fixtures features LED light source, as well as a wide combination of colors of built-in diodes (red, green, blue, royal blue, orange and lime). Because of them, they enable the coloring of light in any desired shade by mixing the listed colors. With the help of presets and color temperatures in the range from 2800K to 8000K with CRI> 90 they emit white light. Also, in addition to the possibility of coloring and changing the temperature of the white light, this series of lighting fixtures also has the possibility of correcting the green, i.e. +/- green filter. This is an extremely useful broadcast option to avoid a green image or reduce green reflection when shooting a green screen.

One of the key factors for making such a final decision was certainly the variable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) which enables camera shooting in super-fast mode without flickering.

In addition to the light fixtures, additional equipment was also delivered - zoom lens and iris for the profile, as well as flaps for the fresnel lighting fixture.

With the new equipment, the work of Toxic Television's directors of photography directors has been greatly facilitated, which will for sure result in high quality TV shows due to many creative possibilities such as changing the color temperature and coloring of certain parts of the frame.