Remote AV Signal Distribution and Sound System for the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade

The University of Belgrade's Faculty of Dental Medicine stands as a modern, renowned higher education institution celebrated for its educational, scientific, and technological advancements. Engaging in collaborations with world-leading universities and institutes, the faculty is persistently modernizing its curricula to stay at the forefront of academic progress.

  • Client: The Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2022

A few years ago, we installed a video presentation system at the faculty that met the expectations of the administration, educators, and students. Encouraged by its success, the faculty requested the addition of an audio system for the operating room and the lecture hall, aiming to ensure clear, effective communication.

The project solution is designed around the transmission of audio and video signals between two remote locations using the existing IT network infrastructure. We facilitated the transmission of audio signals over a Cat5 network cable with a system of four-channel line level splitters and isolators, furnished with Radial Catapult TX4L and Catapult RX4L transformers. These audio splitters enable the slitting of line-level signals between various destinations without signal loss, hum, or interference and require no digital audio conversion. The Catapult system employs lightweight and economical Cat5 Ethernet cables, capable of transmitting four audio channels.

For communication between the surgeon in the operating room and the students, we provided an Audix AP41 handheld diversity wireless system. The system features a diversity receiver with 106 pre-coordinated frequencies and one-touch auto scan for a clear channel. The one-touch sync links the transmitter to the receiver, ensuring clear and intelligible speech.

To amplify sound in the lecture hall, we integrated RCF speakers and a suitable audio amplifier. In real time, the audio signal and image from the operating room are transmitted from the camera to the projector and onto the projection screen in the lecture hall. This setup allows students to closely follow the surgical procedures.

We used multiple sets of HDMI HDBaseT transmitter-receivers to distribute the AV signal over an S/FTP Cat6 Aten VE801 network cable. The system's central component, the Aten VS482, features four HDMI video inputs for simultaneous access to different HDMI signal sources, two HDMI outputs, and a built-in device for audio signal extraction from the HDMI signal, which is then directed to the existing audio system.

Upon completion of the installation, our expert team provided comprehensive training to the faculty's technical staff, ensuring they could proficiently operate the new system. The commendations received from a satisfied client testified to the quality and success of our work.