DiGiCo SD11 Mixing Console for Milan Jovanović Jabučanac

When talent, motivation, and dedication converge, success is invariably ensured. This principle guides the life of Milan Jovanović Jabučanac, one of our most accomplished accordion virtuosos. For over a decade, he and his orchestra have been creating unforgettable experiences at weddings and other celebrations.

  • Client: Milan Jovanović Jabučanac
  • Date of project: 2022

The small town of Jabučje seems to carry a genetic gift for music, first revealed by the famous Braća Bajić, who were known for their interpretations of Serbian original and folk music. Then came Milan Jovanović Jabučanac. Raised in a home echoing with traditional melodies from dawn till dusk, he quickly learned to play the accordion, an instrument that transitioned from his best friend to his life's work. From a young age, Jabučanac was following orchestras at weddings, absorbing knowledge from older and more experienced colleagues. This inspired a relentless drive to hone his skills, improve, and learn traditional melodies.

After primary music school, he attended the "Stanković" secondary music school in Belgrade, studying music theory and mastering both the accordion and piano. His skillset expanded as he played at various events. Today, his orchestra is lauded as one of the best in the nation, boasting a diverse repertoire that extends beyond folk songs and traditional carols to include rock, jazz, and other genres.

In his hometown of Jabučje, Jabučanac opened a studio equipped with top-tier professional audio gear, including the state-of-the-art DiGiCo SD11 audio mixing console. This console utilizes the same Stealth Digital Processing and Super FPGA technology found in larger flagship consoles, embodying a fusion of strength and agility in its compact form. Despite its size, it offers an impressive 48 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz. The master section integrates 12 gangable 32-band graphic equalizers, 6 stereo effects, and 8 control groups (VCAs). With snapshots, configurations can easily be switched for any live environment, from rehearsals to shows.

In addition to the console, Jabučanac also incorporated a Waves Extreme server, allowing full utilization of plug-ins with the DiGiCo SD11 console.

To understand our valued client's experience, we sought his initial impressions and experiences with the DiGiCo console and Waves Extreme server.

When asked about the importance of premium brand equipment for his musical performance, Jabučanac responded, "It's very important because it ensures reliability, which directly influences the audience's mood. Moreover, as performers, we value sound quality and the ease and reliability of the equipment."

On his decision to incorporate the DiGiCo SD11 console and Waves Extreme server into his workflow, he said, "I attended an intriguing seminar at AVL Projekt where I had the opportunity to try out the DiGiCo SD11 console in my studio. I was awestruck by the high sound quality. I had previously worked with Waves equipment, but the DiGiCo-Waves combination was absolutely astonishing!"

As for his experiences and the differences compared to his previous equipment, he noted, "What stood out after acquiring the DiGiCo-Waves system was a significant enhancement in our production quality, due to the new equipment's reliability and user-friendly nature.

Regarding their use in live concerts, he remarked, "I can confidently say that since incorporating DiGiCo, our live production sound quality has been elevated by leaps and bounds."

Aside from performing traditional folk dances, we're aware that he also composes your own music. When asked about his future plans in this area, and how the DiGiCo SD11 mixer and Waves SoundGrid Extreme server might assist him in crafting his own compositions, Milan

"I intend to utilize the DiGiCo SD11 mixer and Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server extensively in this venture. One of the projects I'm keen on executing is recording various cover songs. This initiative will not only help promote my orchestra but also demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of this high-end equipment in facilitating the creation process."

We thank Milan for sharing his insights with us in this interview.