On January 13, 2022 the interactive multimedia exhibition "‘Time and Universe – Exhibition of Time” was organized by the “Foundation Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" representing the whole idea of the program "Docek”. It was one of the most important elements within the solemn ceremony of declaring Novi Sad the European Capital of Culture 2022.

  • Client:
  • Date of project: 2022

This two-floor interactive multimedia exhibition in Studio M consists of several sets incorporated into the ideological whole presenting the flow of time through different cultures, and the historical dynamics of light and darkness, i.e., creation and destruction as part of the general experience of existence. Framed by a story about duration, this exhibition guides visitors through the development of civilization, and culminates in the opening of Milutin Milinkovic’s code.

The prominent artist Dr. Dusan Jovovic was in charge of creating the visual artistic content of the exhibition, while the author of the narrative is a connoisseur of the scientist's life and work, prof. Dr. Aleksandar Petrovic.


It was a great honor for AVL Projekt to participate in this large and important project for Novi Sad by providing various types of projections on sculptures and installations with innovative 3D mapping technologies.


Laser projectors with its light source life of 20,000 hours and high-contrast and saturated color projection images, were used. Sony VPL-FHZ91, VPL-FHZ75 and VPL-PHZ60 projectors have different types of motorized lenses which allows unobstructed passage of visitors to the exhibition without creating shadows on the projection surfaces.

They feature WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution and are equipped with HDBaseT inputs for easy distribution of AV signals via S/FTP Cat6 cables without any electromagnetic interference or other types of surrounding radiation.


They are flexible to install due to the wide range of vertical and horizontal lens shifts, as well as the possibility to operate in any position (360 °) with the edge blending function. This enables their simple setting according to the requirements of the set.


To create a projection area on the lower level (18x3m) and a 360° projection on the floor in a trapezoidal box (15x10x14x6m), Christie Pandora box media mapping servers were delivered that support real-time 3D display, distortion and editing of multiple files of projection mapping objects to arbitrary shapes, surfaces and objects.

The last set is a holographic 3D representation of Milutin Milankovic, who takes visitors on a journey through time through the spoken text. The holographic projection was performed with the help of special foils - mirrors.



To illuminate the entire exhibition space, several rail lighting systems with Chauvet EVE TF-20 LED light fixtures and appropriate dimmers and LED drivers were installed.


To control the AV system, a control device with predefined scenarios was used enabling simple use of the entire projection system and centralized switching on and off of the device.


Multimedia content is broadcast via HD network players with the function of synchronizing the operation of multiple devices simultaneously to create a unique projection image, while RCF AYRA PRO5 dual-system active studio monitors play audio content for different sets.


After installation, our team for technical support set the projectors and programmed the media server for mapping the sets in accordance with the required visual solutions.