Mobile Stage for the Slovak Vojvodina᾽s Theatre

For almost two decades, the Slovak Vojvodina’s Theatre has been successfully developing the theater culture of the Slovak minority in Vojvodina on a professional level by continuously investing in innovating work equipment.

  • Client: The Slovak Vojvodina᾽s Theatre
  • Date of project: 2022

After supplying the theater with profile and wash LED spotlights, which we have already written about, there was a need to purchase a mobile stage for the implementation of program activities.


The new mobile stage (5 x 4 m) consists of stage segments – panels (200 x 100 cm) with an aluminum frame. The upper layer is made of waterproof and fire-resistant plywood, 12mm thick and with anti-slip surface. The stage is certified for a load of 750kg/m2 and is intended to be used indoor and outdoor. The maximum weight of one stage segment is 35 kg, while each frame of the stage segment is equipped with mountings for the 4 legs and with an addition for connecting the segments and the legs themselves.


Accessories for connecting stage segments and legs guarantee safety and reliability due to vibrations that occur during performance.


The stage segment is TUV certified which confirms the specified parameters. 


The new, easily assembled mobile stage will make it easier for the theater employees to realize performances and organize various events that will be held outdoors in the future.