Trussing, curtain tracks and LED lights for the Cultural Center Boljevac

The Cultural Center Boljevac is the only cultural institution in the municipality of Boljevac carrying its current name since 1977. It bases its activities on contemporary creativity of its own production (concerts, performances, academies), on guest appearances of other professional and amateur ensembles and independent artists (theatre plays, concerts, exhibitions, promotions), as well as film screenings.

  • Client: The Cultural Center Boljevac
  • Date of project: 2022

In order to successfully organize the activities, the center decided to innovate the existing stage equipment, i.e., to purchase a system for moving the back curtain and a new lighting system.

After considering the needs of the client and the venue itself, a Litec truss system for hanging the curtain track was delivered because its direct hanging was not possible due the walls and ceiling made of plaster. The QX30SA system was used. It provides support for 800 kg at a span of 10m. The construction has sufficient load capacity for the curtain track and mounted lighting, as well as for hanging other stage elements.

The ShowTex manually controlled curtain track system works with a rope and a counter weight. While the counter weight makes it easier to pull the rope, the trolley inside the track allows the curtain to be moved easily and without snagging. In accordance with the client's request, an overlay system was installed in the middle of the track so that the curtain could be opened in half. The overlap is such that it is impossible to see the space behind the curtain, so the joint will not be visible in case it sways.

In addition to the aluminum trussing and the curtain track, this center has also upgraded its lighting system. Chauvet Ovation F-415VW LED spotlight with Fresnel lens for portal and color temperature presets from 2,800K to 8,000K with CRI>93 is an excellent choice for the needs of the stage and light directions from the portal. Chauvet SlimPar Pro Q LED parks with the option of barn doors for additional control of the light beam are intended for counter lighting.

With all the delivered and installed equipment, the Cultural Center Boljevac is fully prepared for new projects, which will surely be recognized by its loyal audiences.