Professional Audiovisual System for the National Theatre in Krusevac

The Professional National Theatre in Кruševac, officially founded in 1946, has deep roots in amateur, worker, youth and professional "ad hoc" ensembles. During its existence, it has given birth to many famous artists and drama actors such as Radmila Savićević, Miodrag Petrović Čkalja, Đuza Stojiljković, Mihajlo Bata Paskaljević, Taško Načić and others.

  • Client: The National Theatre in Krusevac
  • Date of project: 2022

In order to be ready for the new theater season and to meet the expectations of the audience, the National Theater decided to innovate the available lighting and audio equipment with an emphasis on modernizing the lighting and sound control methods.

After successful participation in the public procurement, we delivered the MA Lighting grandMA3 onPC command wing XT with the ability to control 4096 parameters right on the spot. It is secure and reliable in operation, equipped with two external touch screens that facilitate the work of lighting designers. One of the advantages of this console is the possibility of remote control, i.e., connection with a smartphone or tablet. This enables simple management from smart devices, so there is no need for constant presence and the involvement of several people.

The lighting park was also reinforced with Chauvet Ovation Reve E-3 lighting fixtures with linear color temperature presets from 2800 K to 8000 K. The lighting fixtures provides 6 different colors of light, so they are an excellent choice when it comes to washing the scene. Switching from white to any other color is possible without the use of filters, while CRI>95 (Color Rendering Index) ranks these spotlights among the best in their class. Lenses from 15°-30°, as well as precise shutters allow the creation of any light scheme. They have ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming curves without "jumps" in intensity, while the “red shift“ enables a gradual transition to a warmer color of light (fade out) as with conventional spotlights with a halogen light source.

The DiGiCo SD11 digital mixing console with stage box was supplied for better sound control. The SD11 is compact whilst providing a high channel count: a full 48 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz. It has a built-in 15” TFT LCD touch screen, while the stage box DiGiCo D-Rack with 32 inputs and 8 outputs enables easier connection to the stage. Using snapshots, you can switch between complete configurations in any live environment easier than ever before, be it at rehearsals, during system setup, or even at a show.

Audio equipment is connected to the laptop via Radial Engineering DI boxes.

The new audio and lighting equipment in the National Theater in Kruševac will facilitate the work of the technicians and contribute to better sound quality and the visual experience of the audience and actors on stage.