Infobit Speakerphone for Audio Conference and Meetings at MEF

The Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance (MEF), is a forward-thinking institution embracing a modern educational concept. Established in Belgrade in 2000, it operates under the umbrella of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. MEF's curriculum is designed and accredited to align with the demands of today's business market. It fosters the mastery of intricate real-world problems through interactive teaching and practical activities.

  • Client: The Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance (MEF)
  • Date of project: 2022

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in the academic arena, MEF's Development IT Center has opted to acquire the Infobit iSpeaker M200, a device that houses an integrated microphone and speakers. The device's excellent value proposition, given its high-quality performance at a reasonable price, led the faculty to invest in additional speakerphone units.

The USB omnidirectional Speakerphone is a versatile Plug & Play solution, engineered for hosting audio conferences involving 6 to 12 participants. Its omni-directional microphone guarantees 360° coverage, capable of capturing sound from up to 6 meters away with its built-in omnidirectional microphones. Key features include full duplex echo cancellation (AEC - Acoustic Echo Cancellation), ambient noise suppression (ANS - Automatic Noise Suppression), and automatic speaker volume adjustment corresponding to positional changes relative to the microphone (AGC - Automatic Gain Control). The speakerphone can be seamlessly integrated with an additional external sound system if needed.

This device offers compatibility with various operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. It also supports video conferencing applications like Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting.

The iSpeaker M200’s compact and portable design, with dimensions of 75mm x 30mm and a lightweight build of 0.48 kg, makes it highly portable.

Given the iSpeaker M200's reliability, portability, and satisfactory value for money, it is anticipated to enhance the quality of audio conferences and meetings, thereby streamlining the workflow for employees.