Top Professional Audio Equipment for Slobodan Trkulja

Slobodan Trkulja, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and a great singer, with his charisma and talent captures the attention of audiences at live events around the world. He is a founder and a frontman of Balkanopolis, the band whose music is rooted in jazz, pop and classical tones, as well as in the traditional Balkan melodies and rhythms accompanied by Byzantine chanting and "throat singing".

  • Client: Slobodan Trkulja & Balkanopolis
  • Date of project: 2022

Slobodan Trkulja can also boast of great international success, as evidenced by performances at the full Amsterdam Concert Hall, The Royal Concertgebouw, Shanghai's World Expo, Music Hall Theatre in St. Petersburg and the largest Serbian halls such as Sava Centre and Kombank Arena. He has also given concerts at the world-famous North Sea Jazz Festival, Rainforest Music Festival and Celtic Connections.


Although known for his "immensely gentle, but powerful voice", Slobodan masterfully plays an impressive number of twenty instruments: clarinet, bagpipes, kaval, acoustic guitar, flute, Cretan lyre and Cretan lute, various types of tambourines, piano, mandolin, saxophone and flute, Armenian duduk and others. He approaches each of them with profound dedication - constantly searching for the perfect sound, the perfect tone that depicts his inner artistic world and forms the backbone of his artistic life. That’s how we met.


Namely, Slobodan's quest for the perfect sound does not stop when the tones have left the instrument. In order to faithfully convey all their splendour on the travel from the stage to the audience, he insists on the perfect and highest quality professional audio equipment that would faithfully transmit the sound.


Under the „batons” of the two excellent sound engineers and members of Balkanopolis, Milos Djajic and Deja Vuckovic, FOH mixing and monitoring is performed on digital DiGiCo SD audio consoles featuring Stealth Digital Processing and Super FPGA technology. They are equipped with TFT LCD touch screens for easier operation and quick selection of the functions, as well as with large number of dynamic equalizers and input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz. The full potential of the consoles is achieved through Waves – for real-time plugin processing, as well as with KLANG processor for flawless 3D in-ear monitoring without sound latency.

The described audio system can be used not only on stage, but also for multi-channel recording in the studio.


Slobodan’s impressions after Balkanopolis had used the system on stage for the first couple of times were phenomenal. The system not only met, but exceeded their expectations providing these masterful musicians with a high-quality live broadcast equal to the world's biggest music stars.