Audix Wireless Microphone System for the St. Mark's Church

The Church of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark in Belgrade is located on a plateau near the northwestern end of Tašmajdan Park. It was built in the interwar period between 1931 and 1940 in the Serbo-Byzantine style by the Krstić brothers. Its grandiosity leaves no one indifferent.

  • Client: St. Mark's Church
  • Date of project: 2022

Thanks to the imposing dimensions (62x45x60m), acoustics in this sacral building has always been challenging as in all the buildings of this type. That is exactly why the elders of the church contacted us a few years ago with a request to design and install an adequate sound system, which we wrote about at the time. The aforementioned installation regulated the problem of sound reverberation and achieved adequate intelligibility of speakers in the entire space.

The originally installed wireless microphone system had to be replaced, because due to the change in the distribution of frequency bands in the Republic of Serbia, it collected RF interference and forwarded it to the sound system. The elders of the church contacted us again with a request to improve the existing sound system in an adequate way, therefore it was necessary to replace the existing one with a new wireless microphone system.

The modern Audix wireless microphone system with wide bandwidth works in the frequency bands that are provided for wireless systems in our country according to the latest frequency division.

The system consists of Audix AP62 BP wireless lavalier microphone system, i.e. R62 two-channel receiver with two B60 bodypack transmitters in the frequency range of 522 MHz - 586 MHz and ADS48 UHF antenna combiner built into the rack cabinet. The ADS48 has an internal switching power supply which eliminates the need for the individual DC power supplies, while the RF signals are internally amplified in order to compensate for any loss that may result from splitting the signal.

When used in conjunction with the AP62 two-channel systems, the ADS48 is able to run 8 channels of wireless on a single pair of antennas.

Thanks to the new Audix wireless microphone system, the problem of forwarding RF interference has been successfully resolved, while the believers have been enabled to follow worship without any disturbances.