Stage Mechanics for the City Concert Hall in Novi Sad

In September 2021, Novi Sad got its first City Concert Hall, which has a capacity of 480 seats. It was opened as a part of the new Ballet and Music School, while its appearance and technical-technological features successfully compete with other halls in the region and beyond.

  • Client: The City Concert Hall in Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2022

The AVL project had the task of providing suitable stage equipment for the City Concert Hall, meeting all quality, safety and reliability standards that are applied in the rest of the world.


It was necessary to install the stage mechanics of the upper structure intended for the installation of lighting and stage equipment in the assembly of the stage area of the hall.


The stage mechanics installed in the scene area consist of:


- electromotive stage tractions a load capacity of 300 kg, drive power of 1.1 kW and a speed of 0.1 m/s. They are used for hanging decorative curtains, acoustic panels and other stage equipment. The equipment is attached to a pipe that is connected to the drive drum of the electric motor drive by suitable steel wire ropes. The working stroke of the train is 10.5 m, while their drives are suspended from steel supports on the ceiling above the stage. The traction mechanism has position sensors that prevent exceeding the limit values in the upper and lower zones for safety reasons. They have electromechanical sensors for measuring the load, which is read on the digital wall controller. Also, each uses a plug-in interface to connect to the controller. Positioning on steel girders on the ceiling above the stage was set in accordance with the project requirement for the positioning of the acoustic shell;

- electromotive tractions - pantographs with a load capacity of 300 kg, drive power of 1.1 kW and speed of 0.1 m/s. Pantographs are used for hanging lighting equipment with a distribution system of power and data cables and sockets made on the housing with several CEEE3x16A and 5-pole XLR sockets, as well as RJ45 connectors. They are hung on the towing pipe, which is connected to the drive drum of the electric motor drive via appropriate steel wire ropes. The working stroke of the train is 10.5 m, while the pantographs are positioned in the middle and back of the stage;

- suitable Controller - 24ch intended for the management of electric traction. A digital wall controller with a touch screen that controls up to 24 electric motors at the same time is placed on the stage. The controller activates and monitors their fixed or variable speed lifting functions, as well as all the safety functions of the system. It registers the use of the lifting system as well as the movement of each electric traction, and provides diagnostics of the entire lifting system. The slider enables precise speed settings and live control, and it also has two user-programmable limits (presets) for lifting and lowering by electric pull. It is possible to control multiple electric drives simultaneously, and at any time check the status, position and load for each of them on the LCD screen. In the event of an error, the electromotor traction signals the type of error and forwards the information to the controller's LCD screen. The controller allows the creation of a system inspection report for each traction that can be read with the appropriate licensed USB key. Connection to electric traction is simple and economical via a single S/FTP Cat6 cable to the connection boxes, without interference affecting the safe operation of the drive. System parameters are easily configured via LCD screen or laptop. It is possible to store event history in log files, data usage log files and service interval counters. Along with the controller, which has the option of automatic function testing, a wired remote control is also supplied.

The following equipment was also delivered as part of the stage mechanics:

- rail system for the front two-part curtain with horizontal opening, 18 m long, with 90W/230V electric drive and remote wired control. The system is made of anodized extruded aluminum and enables a uniform load of 200 kg/m of fixing. The curtain moves via a motor and a matching double braided rope. The system enables automatic curtain adjustments from anywhere with a wired remote control. Overlap supports are provided for perfect closing of the curtain. A trolley was also made that allows the curtain to slide smoothly along the rail system;

- pleated two-part curtain made of non-combustible material, which has metal rings on the upper side, hemmed on the side, while the lower part has a sewn-in pocket. On the sides, there are niches in which it is packed when opening, so the entire width of the portal can be opened. The curtain is mounted via a rail system, but it can also be lowered manually for service purposes;

- rail system with two cyclorama curtains in the back of the stage. The rail enables a uniform load distribution of 150 kg/m. The curtain drive is manual with a trolley.

- PVC mat for the ballet floor with a roller, adhesive tapes and other accessories. The PVC base is placed on the stage floor and connected with self-adhesive tapes.


The delivered stage mechanics for the concert hall fully meet the client's requirements and the expectations of the future audience.