The Sound system for the Cathedral in Sremski Karlovci

The Cathedral Church of Saint Nicholas in Sremski Karlovci is the seat of the Srem Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The construction of the church began in 1758 where once stood an old church from the Turkish era and was completed in 1762. Due to its great cultural and historical significance, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Vojvodina categorized it as a monument of great importance.

  • Client: The Cathedral in Sremski Karlovci
  • Date of project: 2022

About the Cathedral


The cathedral in Sremski Karlovci is a one-nave structure with a semicircular apse to the east and two high Baroque bell towers to the west. The interior is divided into five bays, while between the altar and the nave there is a high altar partition.


About the project


Since the temple gathers a large number of believers, there was a need for an adequate sound reinforcement system in order to achieve high intelligibility and uninterrupted worship service.

In this regard, we were hired by the main contractor Jan Audio for the delivery and installation of high-quality audio equipment that will not disturb the aesthetics of the temple.

We have implemented a sound system consisting of RCF, Radial Engineering, DPA Microphones, Audix and Symetrix components.

RCF VSA 2050 II digitally steerable column speakers with the possibility of individual adjustment using the built-in DSP processing are set as the main sound system. This enables precise directing of the sound beam and avoids unwanted reflections coming from the floors and ceilings.

Thanks to the RCF MQ 80P two-way horn-loaded sound speakers, audio monitoring was achieved in the area of the choir and alter and the clear control of voice reproduction was obtained.

Supercardioid DPA 4097 CORE shotgun microphones that present the natural sound without distortion are placed behind the choir, in the altar, on the throne, as well as for the needs of the choir, so that the chanting can be heard loud and clear.

The sound system also includes an Audix wireless microphone system that operates on the frequency band without interference. Pure voice without drops in sound intensity was obtained by combining the Audix AP62 BP dual-channel wireless microphone set with the Audix L5 lavalier condenser cardioid microphones.

Handheld wireless microphones consisting of the Audix AP62 dual wireless microphone set with Audix VX5 condenser microphones are also provided.

Stability in signal transmission is achieved using the Audix ADS48 antenna which is possible to connect bases and the Audix ATNDA4161 active antenna.

During the day, spiritual music is played using the RCF MS1033 player with the ability to play content from a CD, USB or SD card, as well as a built-in FM tuner.

Monitoring of worship in the port is enabled by waterproof RCF P 2110-T coaxial two-way speakers that are placed on the entrance to the church.

Due to the frequent transmission of liturgies from the temple to television and radio stations, passive microphone splitters Radial Engineering OX8-J are provided with built-in Jensen transformers that divide the signal 1 to 3.

The central unit of the sound system is a Symetrix Solus NX 16x8 DSP processor with a touch screen for easy control by the user, which can be used wirelessly via tablets.

The control components are built into the rack cabinet with automatic delayed ignition, i.e. switching off by means of switches, which makes it easier for clergy to manage the system.


The installed sound system provides even sound coverage and sufficient intelligibility which will enable the believers inside and outside the temple to fully enjoy the worship and meet the expectations of the client.