MA Lighting control desk for MTS Hall

The MTS Hall, formerly Dom Sindikata, is the largest congress and business space in the city center of Belgrade with decades of international, regional and domestic tradition. This modern multi-functional and multimedia space with a unique architectural identity provides all the necessary components for organizing various types of events: film screenings, plays, concerts, festivals, opera, ballet, as well as conferences, congresses, seminars and other business events.

  • Client: MTS Hall
  • Date of project: 2022

In order to organize the events in the best possible manner, the authorities of the MTS Hall contacted us regarding the purchase of a modern multifunctional lighting desk that will meet the needs of every lighting designer.

The client decided on the grandMA3 onPC command wing lighting console, which has all the features that distinguish other lighting consoles from the famous grandMA3 series. It has intuitive grandMA3 onPC software that makes it easy to use. Thanks to the USB connection between the grandMA3 onPC command wing and the computer running the grandMA3 onPC software, all inputs and outputs of the grandMA3 console, as well as DMX, MIDI, Timecode and remote-control options are available.

Chauvet Net-X II DMX/Ethernet node was also delivered for easier and more reliable signal distribution. This fixture with 8 DMX outputs can handle ArtNet or sACN protocols. Its DMX inputs can be set as standard inputs, ports that send the same universe or in some other way that suits the user at the time. Setting up the node can be done via the screen on the device or via the web service.

The combination of the grandMA3 onPC command wing console and the Chauvet Net-X II node allows lighting designers in the MTS Hall complete flexibility in work and a variety of lighting control options, which fully meets the client's requirements.