Sound system, stage lighting and cinema equipment for the summer scene of The Culture House Pirot

The Culture House Pirot was founded in 1986 and ever since it has been the founding stone of the city’s cultural life. By organizing cultural and art programs and other city events, it is the organizational center of the community with the purpose of meeting the cultural needs of the citizens of Pirot, preserving and presenting the cultural heritage of the region and of supporting contemporary culture creators in the city.

  • Client: Pirot’s City Administration
  • Date of project: 2022

One of its most notable projects is The Pirot’s Cultural Summer during which concerts, workshops, sports and other events are held.


In order to be able to organize the summer in the best possible way, Pirot’s City Administration previously built a fixed stage in the Army House, known as the "Old House", which now represents the new summer scene of the Culture House Pirot. After the construction was completed, the equipping of the stage with modern audiovisual solutions was the next logical step.


The new stage now owns high-quality sound system and stage lighting, as well as a laser projector and a portable projection screen. The sound system consists of RCF HDL26 line array active sound speakers designed in two groups - RCF TTS18-A II active subwoofers equipped with 18" drivers, as well as RCF TTS36-AS active subwoofers with double 18" drivers. RCF FL-B HDL6/26 flybars are used to securely hang the speakers, while an RCF RDNet Control2 USB interface is supplied for controlling the sound system via PC.

Stage lighting consists of Chauvet EVE-P100 WW LED wash lights with a 100 W for the front light, as well as Chauvet SlimparPROQ 12x6W RGBA  LED parks for the back light. The lighting system is controlled via the USB/DMX interface and the appropriate PC software.

Christie DWU850-GS laser DLP projector features WUXGA resolution (1920x1200px), 0.75-0.95 optics and 8,400 lumens. With 24/7 operation it provides 20,000 hours of life. A suitable portable projection screen (5x3.12m) with an aluminum frame is also provided. The video signal is transmitted to the Infobit E100K-T 4K HDBaseT transmitter with an HDMI cable, and then with a Cat6 network cable to the projector. This makes it easier to place equipment at greater distances between the projector and the computer.


After the installation, our expert team trained the technical staff of the client with all the possibilities of using and controlling with the system.