Audio-visual Presentation System for the Rekovac Culture Centre

The Rekovac Culture Centre was founded in 1995 on the foundations of the Rekovac Cultural and Educational Community. The goal is to develop cultural and artistic creativity, spread and improve education in culture, encourage young talents and creativity for children and youth, integrate cultural development into the socio-economic development of society and preserve our historical and cultural heritage.

  • Client: The Rekovac Culture Centre
  • Date of project: 2022

The program and functional core of the culture center is a multi-purpose hall renovated in 2021. The hall hosts different events: theater performances, movies, art markets and various performances, forums and panel discussions, conferences, music concerts, stand-up comedies, animations, rehearsals, educational and creative workshops, exhibitions, dance events and competitions.

In order to organize these in the best possible way, there was a need to innovate the existing equipment which gave us the opportunity to equip the aforementioned hall with a modern audio-video presentation system.


Video presentation system


For top-quality projections, a Christie DWU850-GS laser projector with a lifespan of 20,000 hours has been installed. Its features include WUXGA (1920x1200), 8,400 lumens of brightness, contrast (full white/full black) 300,000:1, as well as the option to change the projected image format (aspect ratio) 16:10, 16:9 and 4:3. A motorized lens with a projection ratio of 0.75-0.95:1 enables a large lens shift vertically and horizontally. Changing the lens enables projections from a distance (from the technical direction - a distance of 20 m) and closer (from the stage - a distance of 3 m) according to the requirements of the program content. It has DVI-D, HDMI and HDBaseT input connections, as well as the ability to work in any position (360°). The noise level during operation does not exceed 39dB, which is very important for performances and cinema projections. There is a possibility of management from a remote location via RS-232 protocol or IP protocol via network.

The distribution of audio-video signals from the presentation computer to the projector is performed by the Infobit E70C-T HDMI HDBase signal transmitter, 4K@40m/HD@70 m resolution via Cat6a network cable. The installations are made with S/FTP Cat6a cables with RJ45 Cat6 end sockets with maximum protection against RF interference and interference from power cables in accordance with the standards of signal-communication installations for the transmission of voice, image, control signals and data transmission in public spaces.

In order to ensure a clear image, a Matte White motorized screen with RF remote control was mounted with a black frame to increase contrast and additional tensioners on the sides to avoid wrinkling the projection surface. The dimension of the 16/10 projection image is 400x250 cm.


Sound system


The sound system consists of RCF ART 712-A MK4 active speakers with 700W power, RMS/1400W peak, 129 dB max SPL, as well as 15" bass reflex RCF SUB 705-ASII active subwoofers. RCF speakers are designed using an advanced digital FiR technology, conceived to deliver transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect imaging to the listener. The special FiRPHASE filters allow for coherent distribution of sound without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies in the system. K&M height-adjustable stands were used for placing active speakers on subwoofers.

RCF F 24XR mixer has 18 mic preamps, 16 mono line inputs and 4 stereo line inputs, multi-FX effects and 6 compressors. It enables recording and playback via the USB port, while 16 PRO DSP internal presets provide system settings for various purposes.

Sommer Cable microphone cables are also supplied for connecting the audio system.


After the installation, adjustment and commissioning of the system, our expert team trained the client’s technical staff to work on the implemented system.