DiGiCo SD11 audio mixing console and Waves server for Lexington

Lexington Band is a pop group from Belgrade founded in 2004. Their debut album came out six years later. During almost two decades long rich career, this five-member band can boast of hundreds of concerts in the country and in the region. The highlight of their career is certainly the big concert in Stark Arena in front of 20,000 fans in March 2020.

  • Client: Lexington
  • Date of project: 2022

The requirements of Lexington members for audio production have changed with the increase in popularity and the number of people at concerts, starting from the quality of the audio equipment to the live sound production.

The excellent musicians from the band are constantly searching for adequate equipment that will meet their needs on stage and at the same time allow fans to fully enjoy their favorite hits.

As the band was already familiar with the great performance of DiGiCo mixing consoles and the "magic" they create during sound processing, they decided to purchase the DiGiCo SD11.

The DiGiCo SD11 mixing console has a 15-inch TFT LCD touch screen and 12 touch-sensitive moving faders. The SD11 has a full 48 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz. The master section incorporates 12 gangable 32-band graphic EQs, six stereo effects (selectable from a palette of 33), and eight control groups (VCAs). Using snapshots, you can switch between complete configurations in any live environment easier than ever before, be it at rehearsals, during system setup, or even at a show. It features Stealth Digital Processing and Super FPGA technology.

The system also includes a DiGiCo D-Rack that provides 32 microphone inputs, as well as 8 line and 8 optional modular outputs at 48kHz or 96kHz.

Lexington also acquired a Super Rack Extreme Combo server to process plug-ins in real time and thus use the full potential of the system. Apart from the guaranteed flawless sound processing at performances, the described system is also excellent in the studio, which gives the band another possibility.

As before, we are available to the client for all additional questions, settings and software updates.

Thanks to the DiGiCo SD11 system and the Waves server, Lexington raised the audio production of performances in large concert halls and clubs to a higher level. They justified the expectations of the audience and the variety show when it comes to one of the most popular bands.