d&b Sound System for The River Raft Sindikat in Belgrade

Since its opening in 2010, The River Raft Sindikat has been known as a gathering spot for the urban city crew eager to have a great nightlife and music. Its mission is to raise the quality of Belgrade clubbing to a new level with a complete audio and visual atmosphere, which requires constant innovation of work equipment.

  • Client: The River Raft Sindikat
  • Date of project: 2022

With its modern design, Sindikat resembles the most famous clubs throughout the world. It has a capacity of 500 seats. Its popularity is the result of a dedicated work and a top catering service, as well as of the latest generation of technical equipment of the space.


The management of the club sent us a request us to design and install a new multifunctional sound system to enable guests to enjoy their favorite music even more than more. It was necessary to install a high-quality sound system that produces a high SPL and with its performance can meet all the requirements of guest bands and DJs without the need for additional equipment.


After the acoustic calculations and the demonstration of the proposed d&b audiotechnik solution to the client, the installation and adjustment of the system was started. Its excellent features fully meet the needs of visiting bands and guests, both in terms of sound quality and power.

The installation point source V7P, 8S and 24s speakers and 21S and B6 subwoofers supported by 30D amplifiers are an excellent combination for this space. The uniform sound coverage of the space is provided with clear and precise sound at high sound pressure levels.


It is important that the elements of the d&b audiotechnik system perfectly fit into the interior of the club with their elegant design.

d&b sound system left a phenomenal impression on everyone present after the first setting it to operation. Undoubtedly, the River Raft Sindikat will be known as one of the most popular places to go out for a long time, because even after 10 years it can "surprise" its guests and give them more than expected.