Chauvet Lighting Fixtures for Atelje 212

Atelje 212 is a theatre founded in 1956 by a group of actors, producers, writers, and musicians. It was housed in the Borba news agency building, at a moment when the need for a theatre that would play a new avant-garde drama emerged. Its members were almost all the great actors of the former Yugoslavia, which makes it an extremely important cultural institution that deservedly has the status of an institution of national importance.

  • Client: Atelej 212
  • Date of project: 2022

In order to reduce electricity consumption and ensure better thermal efficiency, the lighting system required innovation. After a successful participation in a public procurement, we supplied Atelje 212 with the Chauvet Professional lighting fixtures of the Ovation series, specifically designed for theatres and television. Therefore, the Ovation F-145WW LED fresnel, the Ovation Reve E-3 LED ERS-style lighting fixture and the Ovation CYC 1 FC LED cyclorama fully met the client's needs.

Ovation F-145WW lighting fixtures with a warm LED light and a power of 70 W have been installed on a small stage as a replacement for aging incandescent six-inch fresnels. Due to the small distance on the stage, they are also a replacement for 1 kW halogen Fresnels. They feature a color temperature of 3096K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97, making it a great choice for theatrical or studio applications. Ovation F-145WW has motorized zoom range of 16° to 65°.

In addition to Fresnels, the lighting system of Atelje 212 has been reinforced also with Chauvet Ovation Reve E-3 lighting fixtures with colour temperature presets ranging from 2800K to 8000K. The LED light source comes in 6 different colours, so they are a great choice for washing the scene. Switching from white to any other colour is possible without the use of filters, while CRI>95 (Colour Rendering Index) ranks them among the best in their class. Lenses from 15°-30°, as well as precise shutters enable the creation of unique works of art. They have ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming curves without "jumps" in intensity, while the “red shift“ enables a gradual transition to a warmer lights (fade out) as with conventional spotlights with a halogen light source.

Ovation CYC 1 FC cyclorama has RGBAL LEDs and the ability to create a colour temperature from 2800 to 6500K with CRI>90. Like any high-quality cyclorama, it has a large beam angle from 81° (Horizontal) to 87° (Vertical). It has a precision 16-bit dimming, while built in “kick stand” allows beam modification. Thanks to the built-in “kick stand”, the cyclorama can be adjusted to stand at an angle. It does not have a fan which makes it an excellent choice for theatres or any space where silence is essential.

After the improvement of the lighting system, the theatre and the lighting designer got both greater opportunities for artistic expression in front of the audience and efficient energy consumption which was their primary need.


Photo Editorial Credit: Nenad Nedomacki /