Sound and Light System for No Limit Gym

No Limit Gym was opened on May 30, 2022 in Novi Sad. It provides its members with the best possible conditions, starting from spacious fitness facilities with the best equipment for exercise, to a most modern high-quality air conditioning system and experienced and patient trainers. In addition to individual exercise, it also offers personal and group training, as well as special programs for children, so that the whole family can work on improving the quality of life.

  • Client: No Limit Gym
  • Date of project: 2023

In order to make the stay and training as pleasant and interesting as possible for the exercisers, the management of No Limit Gym approached us with the request that the entire space of 1,500 m², divided into three units, should be suitably sounded and completed with effective lighting.

Our task was to design and install sound and lighting systems that will provide each member with a complete atmosphere during exercise, regardless of which part of the facility they are in.

In the central exercise area with fitness equipment divided into several groups, RCF MR 50 speakers are installed, powered by RCF IPS 700 two-way professional amplifiers, which allows a separate adjustment of the sound intensity for each group. The speakers provide even space coverage, so members can enjoy clear and powerful sound in every part of the gym.

In addition to the central space, a separate area will host group trainings "guided" using RCF EVOX JMIX8 and RCF EVOX J8 active speakers and Audix AP41 BP wireless microphone systems with Audix HT2 on the main microphone for trainers.

For a powerful effect of group training and better motivation of the trainees, we installed Chauvet Intimidator 260 spotlight and Chauvet SlimparT12BT LED for the stage.

The light system is connected to KNX controller at the facility so that users can use the Chauvet Xpress-Rack 1024 interface to apply pre-programmed scenes according to the training in progress.

In the training area for the youngest members, audio reproduction from smartphones and tablets is provided with the help of HarmanKardon Citation AMP and RCF MR 50 speakers with sound intensity limitation due to the sensitivity of children's hearing.

In the dressing rooms, as well as in the reception area, 8” RCF PL 8X ceiling speakers powered by a 100-volt RCF AM 1125 amplifier fit in perfectly.

All components are located in a rack cabinet with an RCF PR 4093 audio mixer that distributes the audio signal from the computer to all amplifiers and thus divides it into three units into which the facility is divided.

Thanks to the implemented solution, No Limit Gym has become one of the favorite places for exercising for many residents of Novi Sad.

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