Laser Projector for the National Theater "Toša Jovanović"

The theater tradition in Zrenjanin is almost two centuries long, while the first professional theater "Toša Jovanović" was founded in 1946. Today, it can boast of the quality production of many dramas and puppet shows, of the numerous prestigious awards, as well as the organization of the oldest theater festival in Serbia, the Festival of Professional Theaters of Vojvodina, the oldest theater festival in the region.

  • Client: The National Theater "Toša Jovanović"
  • Date of project: 2023

Recently, a need for improvement of the existing equipment has occurred – a laser projector to be used for the realization of performances and other theatrical activities.

The best choice was the powerful Sony VPL-PHZ60 laser projector of WUXGA resolution with a light output of 6,000 lumens. Small dimensions (422x129x338 mm) and weight (about 7 kg) make it the smallest laser projector on the market with this light output.

Since the life span of the light source is 20,000 hours, with this projector, the theater has provided a long-term, high-quality solution without the need of changing the bulb, without decreasing the light intensity due to its consumption and additional costs.

Thanks to the contrast (full white/full black) which is 00:1, it enables extremely crisp images and high color contrast. The projection is clearly visible with intense, saturated colors regardless of the existing lighting.

The device supports the projection of images or videos from very low resolutions 576/50i up to 4k/30p, which makes it possible to play both archival and video material of 4K resolution.

The projector has flexible installation options due to the wide range of vertical and horizontal lens shift, as well as work in any position (360°). This enables a simple setup according to the need of the scenography element for the theatrical performance. 

The reason for choosing this video projector is certainly the noise level of less than 37dB, which makes it an excellent choice for any theater.

By purchasing a Sony VPL-PHZ60 laser projector, the National Theater "Toša Jovanović" ensured effective projections of excellent image quality with minimal maintenance costs. This will improve the theater production and provide the audience with an experience of their favorite plays different than the one they are used to.


Photo Editorial Credit: Nenad Nedomacki/Shutterstock