Dženan Lončarević and d&b audiotechnik: A Harmonious Collaboration

Dženan Lončarević, a celebrated name at AVL Projekt, enjoys a multifaceted relationship with the team. While fans are captivated by his melodious songs and soulful concerts, his collaborators relish the opportunity to work with a musician who meticulously blends artistic flair with technical precision.

  • Client: Dženan Lončarević
  • Date of project: 2023

For Dženan, a guitar virtuoso credited with numerous hits, the quality of onstage equipment is paramount. He seeks to fully transmit the depth and authenticity of emotions in his music, meeting and exceeding audience expectations.

His quest for the perfect sound system led him to d&b audiotechnik a few years ago. He chose a system renowned for its exceptional, robust performances, which became evident from the very first concert. This setup included 2 V7P loudspeakers, 4 V-GSUB subwoofers, and a D80 amplifier.

After four years, Dženan returned with a new request: a smaller, more portable d&b audiotechnik system for intimate concerts and gigs.

Initially, it comprised 2 B6 subwoofers, 2 E12 loudspeakers, and a powerful D40 amplifier. Learning about the option to linearly connect two additional subwoofers, he upgraded the system. The result was a compact yet impressively voluminous sound system, delivering unmatched quality and performance.

Seeking first-hand feedback, we reached out to Dženan. He shared his experiences with enthusiasm:

Q: What sets the d&b sound system apart from others?

"The d&b audiotechnik system delivers the powerful, crystal-clear sound I've always sought in my career. It's exactly what I wanted."

Q: How does performing with the new d&b system feel?

"Fantastic! Now I'm already well aware of the possibilities of the d&b system in general, as well as its enormous potential. Let’s just say that I've gotten used to expecting nothing less than perfection. However, after each concert I still feel the special satisfaction caused by the absolute reliability of the system - I simply know that I can freely expect to always be provided with the highest possible quality, night after night, from hall to hall. That means a lot to me."

Q: Have your audiences noticed the new 'boost' in sound?

"Although there hasn't been a noticeable difference in audience reaction, I believe they've grown accustomed to, and expect, the strength, dynamics, and natural sound quality. And that's my goal: to authentically and naturally convey my musical and lyrical intentions."

Q: Describe your new d&b audiotechnik live system in three words.

"Powerful, user-friendly, impressive."

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dženan for sharing his insights on the d&b sound system and for his positive remarks about its features.