Interactive multimedia exhibition "Mileva: We Are a Rock" at the City Museum of Novi Sad

The title of European Capital of Culture adorned Novi Sad throughout 2022. In its 365 days, it hosted over 4,000 cultural events featuring around 6,000 artists. The organization of these interesting cultural and artistic programs reached its zenith with the opening of an impressive interactive multimedia exhibition about the life of Mileva Marić Einstein at the City Museum of Novi Sad.

  • Client: The City Museum of Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2023

Part of the equipment required for the exhibition, which the museum collaborated on with the "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" Foundation and the City of Novi Sad, the sponsor of the entire exhibition, was acquired through the funds of the cross-border IPA project that connected Szeged and Novi Sad with the theme "Famous Women in Science and Culture".

Its creator is the artist Dr. Dušan Jovović, the author of the exhibition "Time and Universe" which marked the opening of the European Capital of Culture title in Novi Sad, while its technical realization was entrusted to the experienced team of AVL Projekt.

During this complex and interesting project, we had the opportunity to combine digital and analogue artistic expression in a multimedia way through 3D mapping technology and various types of interactive projections on curved surfaces, sculptures and installations.

The projections used WUXGA (1920x1200) laser projectors with a light source that guarantees 20,000 hours of operation. The projected images are characterized by extremely high contrast and saturated colors, while HDBaseT inputs allow for easy distribution of AV signals over S/FTP Cat6 cables without the influence of electromagnetic interference.

In the atrium space, Sony VPL-FHZ91, VPL-FHZ75 and VPL-PHZ60 professional projectors with different types of motorized lenses were used, with a projection ratio that allows unobstructed visitor passage without creating shadows on the projection surfaces. Thanks to the wide range of vertical and horizontal lens shift, these projectors are very flexible in installation and can be mounted in any position.

The "Mileva: We Are a Rock" exhibition consists of several scenographic elements that follow the life of this distinguished scientist, which together make up a whole with the viewer at its center.

The impressive projection of the sky, covering an area of 223.2 m² at a height of 8 m, which was also the biggest challenge our team faced on the field, was successfully realized with the help of a frame and projection screen. A media server with software was used to create immersive content, which allows for the mapping of a waterfall below the aforementioned projection. The media server supports real-time 3D projections, projection content distortion, and editing of multiple files (layers) for mapping projections onto arbitrary shapes, surfaces, and objects.

An interactive content was created for the scenographic element "Bicycle", which starts with a blurred image projection on a curved surface, activated by the visitor pedaling.

For the scenographic element of projections on 12 windows in the atrium, content is played through HDR multimedia players with a resolution of 4K@60Hz, which have the ability to synchronize frames and divide the projection surface into different zones through digital signage software.

One of the scenographic elements is also a holographic 3D display of Mileva Marić Einstein, which was created using special films – mirrors to obtain the appropriate illusion of a 3D figure.

The scenographic element "Fireflies" was realized with the help of ultra-flexible LED strips 5 m long with 240 individually controlled RGB LED diodes. The control allows for the change of colour and light intensity according to the required scenario and the operation of the diodes as individual pixels (pixel pitch = 20 mm) for displaying video or moving graphics. This plug-and-play solution was delivered with software for 2D/3D mapping of LED pixels, allowing for a combination of 2D projection with 3D elements for a spectacular effect. After installation, their professional team programmed the element according to the required scenario.


For the "Schizophrenia" scenographic element, an audio system with a piano was installed, which is activated by a sensor with sufficient proximity, causing a sound recording with a simulation of the piano keys movement.


In addition to projectors, interactive monitors were also delivered for the exhibition, including a 55" Sony FW-55BZ40H touch-sensitive monitor with an IR frame with 10 touch points and 43" Sony FW-43BZ35J professional monitors. The monitors feature 4K resolution, HDR, and high brightness with pronounced contrast to ensure that the content is well visible to all exhibition visitors. They are designed for 24/7 operation, making long-term use possible without loss of image quality.


The "Mileva's letters" scenographic element was created using an informative kiosk and museum display software, consisting of a stand with a curved 55" monitor at a 35° angle, with 4K resolution and a brightness of 450 cd/m². It features a capacitive touch system with 10 touch points, guaranteeing flawless screen sensitivity to touch, and is designed for 24/7 operation.


Throughout the exhibition space, several rail lighting systems with Chauvet EVE TF-20 LED spotlights and corresponding dimmers and LED drivers were installed.


After installation and commissioning, AVL team trained museum employees to work with the installed equipment.


The exhibition "Mileva: We are a Rock" was officially opened to the public on New Year's Eve, with guided tours organized as part of the sixth unique celebration with which Novi Sad bid farewell to 2022 and the title of European Capital of Culture in the most beautiful way possible.