Sony Laser Projectors for the Heartefact Foundation

Heartefact's theater space, Heartefact House, is located at Bulevar Despota Stefana 7 in the heart of Belgrade. It is a spacious salon apartment with high ceilings and a lighted central room with a stage, while the surrounding rooms are intended for the audience. The family apartment transformed into a theater has a capacity of 80 visitors. In Heartefact's space, there is no boundary between the actors and the audience. Visitors can share the stage with the actors and experience all the important moments of the theatrical performance up close.

  • Client: Heartefact Foundation
  • Date of project: 2023

In addition to theater plays, presentations are also made as well as various multimedia contents that are part of everyday activities. This is exactly why it is important that the presentation equipment is highly functional and reliable. That's how the authorities from Heartefact recently decided to purchase long-life Sony laser projectors.

Sony VPL-PHZ50 laser projector has a laser light source of 5,000 lumens for a minimum of 20,000 hours of operation. The projector feature WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution, as well as projection of images with extremely high contrast and saturated colors. It has an HDBaseT input that enables easy distribution of AV signals via S/FTP Cat6 cables without electromagnetic interference or radiation in the space. The projector has flexible installation options due to the wide range of vertical and horizontal lens shift, as well as work in any position (360°).

Sony VPL-CWZ10 laser projector with a light source of 5,000 lumens is one of the most affordable WXGA resolution solutions if you compare the price-quality ratio. The contrast of the projector (full white/full black) is 00:1, and Sony's patented BrightEra 3LCD technology delivers extremely clear images with high contrast and saturated colors with a multitude of details, even in higher ambient light.

These projectors are the best choice for the needs of the Heartefact fund because of the superior quality of the projected image, which is complemented by long life and low maintenance costs. Therefore, they will be ready at any moment for important presentations and related events.