Stage Fair Equipment for the Beoexpo System

Beoexpo System has been one of the leaders in the field of marketing representation of clients for more than three decades. The focus of the company's business are the design and production of fair stands and interiors, furnishing of business premises, promotions, presentations, exhibitions and event marketing. With a widespread system of services that includes a graphic studio, system of workshops, storage space and fleet, as well as trained and organized employees, projects are successfully implemented and clients' needs are met with the aim of establishing long-term cooperation.

  • Client: Beoexpo System
  • Date of project: 2023

The equipment used for arranging the exhibition space must be of the highest quality, reliability and innovative design with appropriate safety certificates, so that the venue meets the requirements of the organizers and exhibitors and ensures the safety of all attendees.

Officials from Beoexpo System contacted us regarding the current procurement in this domain precisely because AVL Projekt has extensive experience in the distribution of truss equipment, stages and towers of renowned world manufacturers.


LITEC construction and winches


A high-quality LITEC QX30SA aluminum grid construction is supplied with accessories that enable multiple joining of elements without deformation even after long-term use. Scenographic settings are also made of circular aluminum constructions.

Lifting systems include TOWERLIFT 3 manual winches that are easy to transport and can easily be converted into electric hoists using an electric motor.

The maximum lifting load capacity of the winch is 500 kg.

The system is supplied with LITEC truss aluminum spigot, half-spigot and pins for connecting the construction, as well as accessories for hanging – clips and straps.

All delivered LITEC elements have appropriate certificates compliant with EU norms.


EXE motors


Electric chain hoists are necessary for lifting larger loads. It is necessary to ensure the minimum standard D8+, considering that at the fair exhibitions, one part of the equipment "hangs" above the visitors. The supplied EXE 500KG D8+ DC motors certainly confirm this with a corresponding certificate in accordance with EU norms.

The motor is characterized by a safety factor of 8:1 FEM class 2 m, a double brake and direct control via the controller. The standard FEM class 2m designation indicates that the motor can perform functions under constant load for 24 minutes in one hour, as well as start up to 240 times in the same time frame, which will satisfy the needs of this rental company for lifting loads. The engine body is made of cast aluminum, while its weight is 24 kg, which makes it the lightest in its class.

Motors are supplied with a 20 m long chain, an adequate bag for its storage and transport, as well as a socket on the cable type CEE4x16A. The chain bag clip allows the device to be mounted with the motor head in upper or lower horizontal (upright and upside down). This ensures that it is always in a position adequate for its reception without the need for any additional adjustments, at the same time reducing the risk of spilling the chain. The outer guide of the chain is made of special PVC to minimize the possibility of accumulation in the event that it becomes entangled. The guide helps to protect the chain, as well as its internal guides. 

The operation of the engine is characterized by a low noise level - up to 67.5 dB.

The motors are supplied with cases for safe transport as well as an 8-channel and 2-channel control for the motors with appropriate connecting power cables.


Everdeck stage


Everdeck stage segments of different dimensions and shapes, with arched or triangular ends, are intended for the production of various scenographic elements, which will contribute to a more attractive appearance of the stand.

The frame of the stage segment is made of aluminum, and the upper layer of the panel is made of fire-resistant and waterproof plywood 12 mm thick with an anti-slip surface. The stage is certified for a load of 750 kg/m², while the maximum weight of one stage segment is 35 kg. Each frame of the stage segment is equipped with mountings for the legs and accessories for connecting stage segments and legs, which guarantees safety and reliability.

Telescopic square legs of different heights and adjustable steps are also supplied.

The stage segment is TUV certified which confirms the specified parameters.


The delivered equipment will enable Beoexpo System experts to easily design fast and reliable solutions for the construction of stands in each exhibition space so that the exhibitor's presentation is high-quality and effective with guaranteed safety.