Audio Visual Equipment for the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin

The Cultural Center of Zrenjanin is a public institution that organizes programs for all citizens. As they actively organize and perform various theater, film, panel, and music programs, it is crucial that the main stage is equipped with the highest quality professional audio-visual equipment.

  • Client: The Cultural Center of Zrenjanin
  • Date of project: 2023

Through successful participation in a public procurement process initiated by the City of Zrenjanin, we were given the opportunity to deliver, install and commission a complete audio-visual system for the needs of the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin, which will provide new potential for artistic creation and expression.

The system comprises audio, video and lighting components that enhance the performance of music and stage programs, as well as film screenings.

Sound System

The sound system features left and right speaker groups, including wideband line array d&b audiotechnik AL90 and V-GSUB speaker systems. The d&b audiotechnik 24S-D two-way loudspeaker box is installed centrally for speech reproduction, with d&b audiotechnik MAX2 monitors and RCF Compact M05 two-way passive speakers for surround sound in the cinema. The system also comprises DSP amplifiers in a 19" rack in the technical room.

After installing and commissioning the system, our experienced team used the d&b audiotechnik ArrayCalc software to simulate the system parameters and create a sound design appropriate for the room parameters, while also creating user presets for live and cinema mode.

The 48-channel DiGiCo S21 digital audio mixer with a DMI card for connecting to two DiGiCo A168 stage boxes is implemented in the sound direction for processing audio signals, recording, playback, and effects (EQ, reverb, compressor/limiter, gate, delay), while dynamic and condenser instrumental microphones, along with microphones for choir and speech reinforcement, are also provided.

The Audix OM5 4-channel wireless microphone system includes handheld dynamic microphones and DPA 4488 CORE skin-colored headsets with pocket transmitters. The Audix ANTDA4161 wideband antennas contribute to additional signal amplification of wireless microphones on stage.

The DPA ST2011C stereo kits, including a set of pencil microphones and corresponding accessories in a case, and the DPA ST4015A stereo pair microphone offer unparalleled quality for authentic sound reproduction. The touring set DPA 4099 with all necessary adapters is designed for setting up on various instruments (violin, cello, piano, guitar, etc.). A set of microphone holders for easy microphone positioning on stage and a set of Radial DI boxes are also provided for added convenience.

Stage lighting

The Cultural Center of Zrenjanin has been equipped with various Spotlight and Chauvet Professional LED fixtures, including profile, fresnel, wash, and cyclorama lights.

The Hyperion series features the PR HY 200 ZS 6C profile and FN HY 200 6C fresnel fixtures, which are equipped with the highest quality LED light sources. They feature six colors, rich control software, easy adjustments, flicker-free operation, compact size, and reduced heat production.

The Hyperion 6C lighting fixtures, which utilize six-color LED light sources of the latest generation, are capable of creating rich saturation and subtle, theatrical colors. The LED diodes emit standard primary colors (red, green, and blue) as well as additional color sources (amber, cyan, and lime), allowing for a wider spectrum and uniform curve. Additionally, they can produce white light with a color temperature ranging from 1,500K to 20,000K with a CRI > 94. Different color temperatures are crucial in performing arts to highlight the warmth of a performance.

The Chauvet Ovation CYC 1 FC cyclorama light is completely silent and offers a wide, uniform field of light with a significant range. It comes equipped with an integrated base and an adjustable flap, enabling the user to direct and shape the light beam to their liking.

To control the lighting system, the MA Lighting grandMA3 onPC command wing XT lighting console has been provided. This console offers control of up to 4096 parameters and comes with two touchscreens for easy navigation. Control signals are distributed via the DMX protocol, with the use of a DMX splitter.

Video presentation system

The system consists of two Sony FW-75BZ40H/1 professional monitors, one of which is equipped with an IR touch frame and a mini computer for displaying the repertoire in the Cultural Center or promotional videos, while the other is mounted on a mobile stand. They boast 4K resolution and are designed for 24/7 use. With a brightness of 850 cd/m², the displayed content will be visible even in brighter ambient light.

All installations were carried out using Sommer Cable halogen-free cables with maximum protection against possible RF interference and interference caused by the radiation of power cables.

After the installation was completed, our team trained the responsible personnel in working with the sound system, stage lighting, and video equipment. After the training, we assisted in the realization of a concert by the band "Magazin", where the top-notch quality of the delivered systems was confirmed in practice.