AV presentation system for Yettel

Yettel is a telecommunications brand engaged in delivering connectivity and digital services. By putting the customers first, Yettel’s mission in delivering connectivity and digital services is simple: to help people achieve balance in life. The company has a rich portfolio of digital and fixed services, handsets and accessories in over 130 points of sale all over the country, so the number of almost three million customers in Serbia is not surprising.

  • Client: Yettel
  • Date of project: 2023

In order to enable employees to exchange ideas, knowledge and messages, Yettel decided to purchase a high-quality system for audio-video presentations and conferences at the company's representative office in New Belgrade.

After the request, we approached the design of the appropriate solution and afterwards its implementation.


The video system

The system consists of a video wall made up of a professional 55'' HD resolution monitors (in a 3x3 configuration) with a 3.5 mm bezel. Pro monitors feature 500 cd/m² brightness and 24/7 operation mode. They are mounted on wall brackets with the possibility of precise adjustment of the bezel between them, as well as simple maintenance. Post-installation service of the video wall facilitates the ability to extract the appropriate monitor without disturbing the geometry of the video wall.

The system also includes Sony professional monitors on mobile stands and on the wall. These 4K monitors feature 620 cd/m² brightness and 24/7 operation mode. They have a built-in sensor for automatic lighting regulation depending on the ambient light. Thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, the image is crystal clear, with excellent color reproduction and high contrast.

Also provided is an HDMI Infobit video wall controller with 4 inputs and 9 outputs, as well as an audio output. The device supports HD resolution, as well as multiple displaying modes on the video wall: single image, PIP (picture in picture) and Quad-view (display of four images). Using FPGA technology, it features a pure hardware real-time processing architecture without delay, virus risks and breakdown.


The sound system and video conference

The audio system consists of d&b audiotechnik 2-system passive speakers and a compact subwoofer with a 4-channel DSP amplifier. Also supplied is a DiGiCo digital mixing console with an upgraded 48-channel automatic mixer module and Dante module, as well as a DPA directional headset microphone that efficiently suppresses distant sound sources.

A set of high-performance PTZ cameras with an NDI license is provided as part of the video conference system. They feature 24x optical zoom, 4K/30 resolution, PoE and software for automatic speaker tracking. An IP camera controller with joystick is additionally supplied.


Professional Lighting

For a clear presentation of the speaker, it is necessary to illuminate the space with quality lighting designed for that purpose. Lupo fresnel lights are characterized by high-frequency electronics and guarantee flicker-free operation, even in the case of high-speed video recording. Thanks to the exclusive True Color technology, Lupo dual color diffuse LED panels have perfect colorimetry.

For quality signal distribution over the network, Luminex is provided, with the help of which the professional AV network is very easily adjusted and configured.


After installation was completed, our expert team trained technical staff in Yettel to manage the implemented system.