High resolution LED screen for Ninamedia

Ninamedia, one of our long-term clients, is a leader in media content monitoring and analysis, as well as market and public opinion research. To improve the quality of their business processes, they continually invest in innovative work equipment that keeps up with the latest technological advancements.

  • Client: Ninamedia
  • Date of project: 2023

As they've been organizing indoor and outdoor events for many years, they recently contacted us with the request to purchase a video device for displaying various content.

We provided them with a high-resolution LED screen made of aluminium cabinets that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. This feature is crucial for the company's needs. The total area of the screen is 40 m² with a pixel pitch > P2.6 mm. The screen cabinet allows for front and back access to the panels, making it convenient for different set-ups.

The screen has a brightness of 800 cd/m², which ensures excellent content visibility even in higher ambient light. LED modules are easily removed via the magnetized frame, making replacement quick and easy. The LED panels are fanless, ensuring quiet operation, which is important for the successful implementation of presentations, seminars, and similar events. One panel is 500 x 500 x 89.6 mm, with a resolution of 192 x 192 pixels, and a weight of 8.86 kg. Thanks to its integrated LED technology, the screen is a low consumer of electricity, consuming an average of 300 W/m².

The system comes with transport cases, rods for hanging screens, rubberized power supply cabinets, a complete system of power and signal cables, as well as a Novastar control system with multiple sending cards.

The LED panels have a certificate of compliance with the EU for EMC, IVD, and RoHS.

Once the installation is complete, the company's technical staff is trained to assemble, disassemble and manage the LED screen control system.