Hazer, Fog Generators and Light System for Zvezdara Theater

The Zvezdara Theater, founded in Belgrade in 1984, was established with the goal of promoting the works of contemporary Yugoslav writers. Many plays are performed successfully on its big stage, named after the famous actor Danilo Bata Stojković, every year. This necessitates continuous investment in modern equipment.

  • Client: Zvezdara Teatar
  • Date of project: 2023

A high-quality haze or fog machine is crucial for creating a unique visual aesthetic and more captivating scenes. Recently, the theater's management approached us for an appropriate solution.

Our top recommendation was the Look Solutions Unique 2.1 haze machine, with its minimal noise and 60-second warm-up time.


The lighting designer can control the volume of fog on the stage from their lighting desk, thanks to DMX control. This hazer generates a light, thin, silky fog that doesn't obstruct light beams from the counter, as well as a thick fog when used with a fan.

The device features extremely low consumption of liquid, compared to similar competitive products. This prevents contamination and extends the life of the device.


The Zvezdara Theater also acquired a Viper 2.6 fog generator, requiring 2,600 W of power and offering fog output adjustment in 99 steps via DMX control.

This machine's power is evident in its ability to output fog up to 15 m for 40 seconds at 100% power. For continuous fog output, the power is limited to 50%. The fog machine accommodates three types of fluid (slow, regular, and quick), depending on the specific needs for fog containment on stage.


It's important to note that both machines use Look Solutions' water-based fluids, which are safe for both people and the environment, as confirmed by the MSDS declaration.


In addition, the Zvezdara Theater decided to invest in Chauvet SlimPar Pro Q USB LED Park lights. These wash lights feature 12 RGB LEDs, each with 6 W power, and can generate a broad spectrum of colors.


The acquisition of the haze and fog machines, coupled with the upgraded lighting system, will offer the Zvezdara Theater's lighting designer boundless opportunities for artistic expression in performances. This will facilitate the creation of more realistic scenes and a heightened artistic experience for the audience."

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