The Kovačević Wine House AV Presentation System

In the quaint vicinity of the small town Irig, the Kovačević Wine House stands as a testament to the fine wine traditions of Fruška Gora, firmly establishing itself as one of the region's most distinguished wineries since its opening in 2010. The establishment offers a warm and inviting restaurant ambiance where guests are welcomed to indulge in an exquisite variety of wines and a broad selection of delectable gourmet specialties.

  • Client: Kovačević Wine House
  • Date of project: 2023

Earlier this year, they significantly expanded the restaurant's capacity by introducing a host of new facilities, including a spacious summer garden – both open and enclosed, a dedicated wine tasting room, and a grand ceremonial hall.

To ensure the new spaces were outfitted with suitable audio-visual equipment, the restaurant management entrusted us with the task of designing and installing an optimal AV system. This enhancement aims to elevate the sensory experience for our guests, intertwining the sublime flavors of our offerings with a rich, immersive auditory and visual backdrop.


Sound System Configuration


The newly-expanded restaurant space necessitated a versatile sound system with multi-zone control to cater to all guests' varied needs and facilitate a diverse range of events. We incorporated RCF DM 61 compact two-way speakers, renowned for their natural, smooth sound reproduction, and RCF DM 41 wall-mounted speakers, whose compact dimensions ensured a seamless fit within the design scheme.


Withstanding diverse weather conditions due to their robust IP55 protection, the RCF DM 41 speakers were installed both indoors and outdoors. These speakers are especially admired for maintaining consistent sound reproduction quality regardless of the volume level, thereby ensuring the guests can enjoy both the restaurant's ambiance and the stunning balcony views undisturbed.


The ceremonial hall, designed to host weddings, presentations, and other celebrations, also utilizes the RCF DM 61 two-way wall-mounted and built-in sound speakers, complemented by RCF PL 60 ceiling speakers. Each of these systems is powered by four-channel amplifiers, and to further enhance the atmospheric experience, we have incorporated suitable multimedia players for ambient music playback.


In the wine tasting room, we've installed a specially designed sound system, combining RCF DM 61 two-way wall-mounted speakers and RCF PL 60 ceiling speakers, to create an immersive auditory experience that complements the refined art of wine tasting.



Video presentation system


In the ceremonial hall, specifically designed for hosting presentations and similar events, we have installed a cutting-edge video presentation system that includes a laser projector and a motorized screen.

The VPL-PHZ50 laser projector stands out with its impressive brightness of 5,000 lumens and a high-definition WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution. Its laser light source promises a minimum of 20,000 hours of operation and projects images of exceptionally high contrast and vivid colors. An HDBaseT input feature allows for straightforward distribution of AV signals via S/FTP Cat6 cables and ensures functionality in any orientation (360°).


Complementing the projector, we delivered a Screenline motorized screen (274x171 cm) designed for front projection, conveniently controlled via RF remote, with a simplified installation process.


The AV setup also includes an ATEN VC882 4K HDMI repeater with an audio embedder/de-embedder. This device enables the audio from the computer to be transmitted seamlessly throughout the entire audio system. By extracting the audio signal from the HDMI signal, it facilitates separate transmission of image and sound, thereby optimizing audio-visual quality.


The Radial Catapult mini extender receiver/transmitter enabled the transmission of audio signals and successfully eliminated all types of interference that impair its quality.


Following the installation and set-up of the system, we provided comprehensive training to the Kovačević Wine House team to ensure smooth operation of the newly implemented equipment.