Sony Laser Projector for Atelje 212

For over seven decades, Atelje 212 has captivated its loyal audience with avant-garde theater performances. With a permanent ensemble of over 30 of our finest actors, an impressive and diverse repertoire, and continuous investment in equipment, Atelje 212 stands as a national institution and one of the most popular theaters in Belgrade.

  • Client: Atelje 212
  • Date of project: 2023

Following the upgrade of the lighting system with Chauvet Professional fixtures, as previously discussed, Atelje 212 has now turned its attention to acquiring a laser projector for the realization of theatrical performances and other events.

After a comprehensive evaluation, the Sony VPL-PHZ60 laser projector emerged as the best choice during its on-stage presentation under typical working conditions, alongside mood lighting.

The Sony VPL-PHZ60 laser projector boasts a WUXGA resolution and a remarkable light output of 6,000 lumens. Remarkably compact in size (422x129x338 mm) and lightweight (approximately 7 kg), it is the smallest laser projector available on the market with such impressive brightness. Another influential factor was its light source lifespan of 20,000 hours, making it a durable, high-quality solution without the need for bulb replacement or concerns about diminished light intensity and additional expenses.

With a contrast ratio of 00:1 (full white/full black), the VPL-PHZ60 laser projector delivers incredibly sharp images and high color contrast, ensuring vivid and saturated colors – an essential feature for scenes illuminated by professional stage lighting. The projector supports projection from very low resolutions such as 576/50i up to 4k/30p, allowing Atelje 212 to showcase archival footage as well as 4K-resolution video materials. Its ability to operate in any position (360°), flexible installation options, and noise level of less than 37dB make it an excellent choice for any theater setting.

With the acquisition of the Sony VPL-PHZ60 laser projector, Atelje 212 has obtained an efficient presentation device with minimal maintenance costs. This investment will elevate artistic expression to even greater heights, providing the audience with unforgettable experiences.